Childhood is a special transition time, which forms our perception of the world, generates major habits, and creates inspiring role models. When we grow up, we tend to emulate everyone who inspires us. Our minds are satiated with real-life and fictional heroes, who motivate us to discover better versions of ourselves. Some heroes remain in the past, turning into childhood stories, but other heroes do not lose their positive influence on us even when we become adults.

The hero we are writing about is an ideal embodiment of a mother. Have you ever written “My mom is my hero” essay? Our experts have recently interrogated random people to find out whether such written tasks were common. To our surprise, the statistics showed that not so many individuals wrote this kind of composition even in schools. Yet, there have been students who are assigned with “who is my hero” papers even in colleges.

This assignment may look like simplicity itself, but all the tricks gradually appear the more you delve into it. You suddenly realize that a figure of a mother is sophisticated and multi-layered. Drawing a psychological portrait of a person who willingly sacrificed her freedom to foster a child is not as easy as it may seem. If we want to describe an exemplary mother, then we can find only such epithets as altruistic, thoughtful, sympathetic, endearing, and, indeed, inspiring. The moment a mother brings a child into this world, she becomes his or her first and foremost influence.

Unlike high-school writings why is your mom your hero, an essay about mom of the college level reflects a more profound investigation of a selfless mother figure. In high school, such compositions are free-flowing and creative, while in college you have to be more precise and argumentative, even when writing about your own mother. Sometimes, it is beneficial to collect some relevant excerpts from psychological articles related to mother-and-child relationships. However, despite your academic level, this kind of work is much more personal than other essays and research papers. The uniqueness is that you can express your feelings by stating the exact reasons why your mom is important to you.

Another important aspect to consider is that this essay aims to evoke emotions in your target audience. Perhaps, your description of the closest person in your life will serve as a mirror to your readers and they will see something similar in regards to their mothers.

Let us unravel well-proven practical tips on how to write an essay about your mom.

Why My Mom Should be Called a Superhero: Find the Authentic Reasons

Everyone would find personal reasons to call their mothers superheroes. This “heroism” is more commonly elucidated by the unconditional love only a mother can give, immense patience, intuitive understanding of the kids’ needs, and a colossal scope of responsibility she can truly cope with. So, what do mothers and superheroes have in common?

Your mother is the most reliable person in the world. You can have every confidence in her, being assured that she will never let you down.

Although we do not tend to tell all our secrets to our mothers, but when we want to share something important and cherished, it is never an issue to rely on your mom. It is the first person you can trust, and she never pretends to listen. She is the best friend you can ever get. Thus, when writing “my hero essay”, keep in mind this thought.

She is always by your side no matter how far away you both are.

When the entire universe seems to be against you, only your mother can relieve your pain. She knows instinctively that you are going through some difficulties. Your mom can grasp what you need even if you do not ask for it. Her support is priceless. The most wonderful thing is that she can help you solve your problem so easily, which makes her a superhero.

She is a promoter of the truth and teaches you to be sincere.

A decent mother never teaches you to lie. In contrast, she is an exemplary truth-teller. Indeed, sometimes truth hurts too much, but only honesty is appreciated in the end. That is why your mom always senses when you want to hide some facts.

Mother’s delicacies are so yummy because she has learned your cravings from A to Z.

You can hear the phrase in any corner of the world: “the best food is at home” or “how I miss my mom’s treats!” One of the most special moments is when you finally get back home, and your mom cooks exactly what you adore. When you are feeling low, your mom can make your favorite dessert even when you are not asking for it.

She is the most knowledgeable and caring doctor when you fall ill.

Only a superhero mom can take care of you with all her affectionate magic when you are sick. There is no overestimation – her attending skills are superpowers! And how selfless she is when looking after her nearest and dearest! She may not sleep at night, sitting by your bed, making herbal teas, and getting the best medication just to help you recover as soon as possible.

Her patience is phenomenal even when children get quite self-centered.

The superpower of patience embodies her unconditional love. Do not forget to display gratitude and ask for forgiveness when you suddenly get too selfish. Not everyone wants to concentrate on their own transgressions when composing an essay on mother superhero features. However, it is reasonable to juxtapose even your selfishness and her patience in a certain situation when you need to provide vivid examples.

How to Write a Hero Essay about My Mom: Simple Answers

  • Do not instantly immerse in the writing process of my mom is my hero essay, even if it seems to be a piece of cake for you. Take some time to choose the expected impression you would like to convey. Your overall viewpoint then can be easily transformed into an exceptional thesis statement, which is aimed at wrapping your essay around itself.
  • You can portray the most memorable moments you spent with your mother or describe your relationship with her using a distinct situation. It can be enticing even to quote some witty words, which are typical of your mom to say.
  • Optimally, who is your hero essay can comprise five proportionate sections: the introduction, three body paragraphs, and the conclusion.
  • In contrast to the brightest memories, you can reveal hardships and unpleasant situations your mom helped you to overcome. You can dedicate the whole paragraph to the analysis of her kind actions.
  • The third paragraph can of your hero essay assignment can be dedicated to the privations your mother encountered. You have to understand the scope of her sacrifice, as she always prefers her child’s comfort to her own private happiness.
  • You have to realize that there is a thin verge of an accidental interpretation of your mother’s selflessness not in the context of a superhero, but a super-martyr. Avoid making an impression that your mom lives her life only to sacrifice everything she has to you. Hence, you can dedicate the whole paragraph to your intention to fulfill some of her biggest dreams.
  • Review everything you have written so far to produce a thought-provoking conclusion. You may ponder on the roles of all the other mothers and their amazing deeds.

Final Tips to Write an Inspiring “My Mom is My Hero Essay”

Although no one knows your super mom better than you do, the following tips will help you approach this task unswervingly:

  • Write down the exclusive qualities of a good mom. Your mother fills your life with meaning, so such an assignment is a chance to delve into her uniqueness as you never did before. It is like writing a poem about the most special person but in the form of a prose.
  • This task is based on emphatic connotations, but you can make it scientifically proven by presenting maternal instincts from a psychophysiological perspective. Try to analyze selfless actions of your super hero mom from a scientific viewpoint.
  • Pay attention to the language and literary devices that you apply. It is unwise to use equivalent subject-verb patterns, as they spoil the image of your sentences, making them quite tedious and unnatural. It is advisable to employ compound sentences and subjective clauses to make your words flow more insightfully.
  • Although your mother deserves an abundance of flamboyant adjectives, there is a risk to overuse those epithets and lose the logical thread. Embed only the strongest adjectives and pay attention to transition words, which help the nicest ideas stick together.
  • Such an essay is rather imaginative, so make sure you do not use any clichés. Be sincere, but do not overplay.
  • Even if it is a pleasure to write about your mother, you ought always to revise your first draft. Try to understand whether it is appealing to your readers.
  • When the content is diligently presented, look through every detail in the final draft of my mom is my hero essay. Make sure that all grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors are eradicated.

My Mom is My Hero Sample

If you have some doubts regarding “My mother is my hero” essay, read our sample about a superhero father. You will instantly know what techniques to apply to cope with such a motivating assignment.

The dearest person for anybody in the universe has always been a mother. It is a generally accepted fact that the relationship between a mom and a child is one of a kind. It is expected to be built upon mutual acceptance and respect. There is an invisible umbilical cord that connects a tender and considerate mother with her children. Kids enjoy the security and warmth only if their mothers are around. Mother’s guidance is that invaluable help people can never get anywhere else.

When you are young, your mom resolves all your problems easily. Whether you have scraped your knee or cannot get to sleep because of a nightmare you are sure that she can knock over any of your problems. A soothing lullaby and some comforting words are enough to make your life happy and joyful again. The mother’s heart can contain so much love and pain. When you are ill, your mother always does her best to relieve your suffering and feels sorry and if she could, she would undoubtedly take all the pain for herself.

The power of a mother’s love is great; it cannot be measured. However, my experience proved that love for a child is love in action. I have weathered really bad times recently through a fault of my own. My life had been running smoothly until I fell out with my best friend last year. I did not feel like an outcast at school, but I started to spend more and more time at home and soon felt bored. To fill that gap, I spent my free time playing online video games. As the days went by, I got more and more attached to them. The very last thing I expected was that this innocent hobby would escalate into an addiction.

Video games got more than appealing to me. Playing them, I felt my power and even a kind of control over the world. I guess the reason was the illusion of independence. Our parents always tell us what to eat, what clothes to wear, and what time to get up and go to bed. In a video game, we can make our own decisions and control others. So, I kept playing for hours. I did not care about my school assignments, grades, or household chores anymore. Every day I hung out with my schoolmates less and less. I dropped my studies and neglected my usual daily workouts. I seized every moment to get back to the computer and remembered that I had not even had my lunch only in the dead of night. I got hooked.

I cannot say that I was not totally deprived of communication. Online role gaming always implies building virtual relations with other players. So, I did not feel lonely or miserable. I even felt some emotional attachment to my character and cared more about him than of my mom or friends. The terrible truth was that I became more engaged in my virtual life in a synthetic cyber universe than in my own life. Finally, I was irretrievably alienated from everything that had used to be essential for me. My hobby turned into an uncontrolled compulsion. Now I realize that I was so much enthralled in the imaginary world of games that I even neglected my mum who I barely noticed at home. As can be easily understood, I did not have time even to talk to her. I was absorbed in gaming and my usual answer when my mum asked me to come for dinner or help her was something like, “In a few minutes, I’ll just get those guys and reach the next level”.

When my mum tried to explain that I was wasting my time on things that do not actually exist, I was absolutely sure that the priority was to level up the main character or win another war. But my mother’s words, “You are the main character! Your life is important! Try to concentrate on leveling yourself up! Try to think of your life as a game you have to win” made me think over my life for the first time. Games are made for making fun not living. I made up my mind to try to level myself up and change the way of life I used to have. However, it was challenging, and I needed help and support which I got from my mother.

I take off my hat to my mom as she made a really wise decision. She was worried about my health, abnormal sleeping pattern, and unwillingness to study, work or see any friends. However, she did not just forbid me to use the computer. She realized that it was unrealistic to expect me to stay away from the Internet and computer entirely. So, she decided to change my usual environment and send me to a summer camp where I was forced to face the reality. Luckily, it was not like a boot camp with numerous competitive activities and much pressure. All my spare time there was devoted to outdoor activities, reading, and interpersonal relations. Video games strained my relationships with my schoolmates and acquaintances. So, I had to learn how to make friends from scratch. It helped me restore my confidence and start to feel comfortable in the real world.

My mum even introduced me to other children who went through a similar struggle to overcome their obsession with video games. She helped me find some alternatives to spending days and nights killing monsters and searching for treasures. She helped me find myself in reality and not to be bored. Now I successfully balance school activities, household chores, socializing, and even Internet surfing. I have learned to use the computer in a responsible way. I took up those activities which I had dropped out of earlier. My mom helped me to be not irritable, agitated, or cranky anymore. I am quite myself again. Moreover, I have made up with my best friend and we enjoy real life excitements instead of cyber ones. He is not a gamer, so communication with him really helps me to take a grip on myself.

I cannot thank my mother enough for what she has done for me. If she had not lent me a helping hand, nobody knows what my life would have been. I appreciate that my mom has never been judgmental. She is my friend and the wisest advisor ever. I believe she loves me much more than I deserve. She sacrificed really many things to provide me with all I need or just want. This is unconditional love which implies forgiving even the wrong things I did. She is always by my side when I need support. I have realized that nothing can destroy my mom’s love for me, and this helps me keep going.

Unfortunately, it happens that I forget to tell my mum how much she means to me. Sometimes it is complicated to acknowledge the most important things we have and express appreciation to the dearest people. However, it is never too late to mend. I will keep saying thank you to thanking my mom who has taught me the importance of an open mind and every day works tirelessly to give me all she can. It was she who helped me bluster my way out of difficulties. I will try my best to show my gratitude to her all my life.

In case the sample does not help, as you simply lack time to compose a brilliant my mom is my hero essay, then rely on the prodigious assistance of our intuitive experts! Believe us, your mother will love the result!

June 26, 2022
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