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An iconic anime series Naruto has thousands of admirers around the world. Thus, it has quickly become a popular media franchise. The main character appeared in various live shows, graphic novels, video games, and even movies. Naruto first saw the world in the 1990s and soon became unbelievably popular. Many manga fans say their introduction to manga began from the Naruto anime series.

The author of this popular manga as well as the anime version, manga artist Masashi Kishimoto, has chosen a teenager as his main character. Thus, a young ninja Naruto Uzumaki wants to be respected and recognized by his friends to finally become a leader of his community. It may sound like a childish dream to you; still, the young ninja has to overcome many obstacles, participate in battles, complete missions, and pass ninja exams to make his dream come true. That sounds like a great topic for your college Naruto essay, right? Though this theme is familiar and appealing to you, crafting an academic essay may appear to be more difficult than you can expect. Conversational language differs greatly from academic writing where, for example, writing from the 1st person (“I think”) is forbidden. You will also have to follow the rules of the assigned citation style. Thus, to turn in a brilliant essay it is highly advisable to turn to a professional academic custom writer for help. By buying an essay from a reliable writing company, you get not only good grades for the paper but also an example of a neatly written academic text.

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Naruto Manga Origins

Naruto anime and manga series became popular at the beginning of the 2000s. First, in 1999, the manga appeared in a Japanese magazine. Three years later, to the delight of numerous fans, the anime series was released. Both, the main hero and the Naruto writer Masashi Kishimoto became popular. As for the manga, 72 volumes saw the world with the last one published in 2014. Meanwhile, the series lasted for five years and had 220 episodes.

The main hero is a teenager named Naruto Uzumaki. From the very beginning, the audience finds out that the boy was born one autumn night and was almost immediately kidnapped by a masked man. Thus, the writer of Naruto makes his main hero an orphan. What is more, the reader finds out that there is a demon living in his body. It is hard to believe, but in order to stop the enormous, nine-tailed fox from destroying the village where the baby was born, Minato, the father of the boy, “closes” it inside the newborn. The boy’s calling is to become a recognized ninja and the head of Konohagakure. Thus, having reached the age of twelve, he becomes a ninja. He starts to fight against the enemies who want to use the demon-fox for their evil plans. Naruto is constantly tempted to use the power of the demon for his own needs. As time goes by, young ninja meets new challenges. Together with his friends, he starts to explore the ancient story of the ninja world. Naruto wants to know the secrets of his past, which he explores together with his mates, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, a talented teacher and Naruto helper Kakashi Hatake. Thus, the story of a young ninja is appealing to anyone who has ever fought for success while at the same time feeling out of place.

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Naruto Characters to Speak About in an Essay

1. Naruto Uzumaki

One of the most widely known Naruto characters names is, of course, Naturo Uzumaki. The protagonist comes from a fictional Hidden Leaf Village. He is a member of the Uzumaki clan. Because of a demon captivated in his body, the village members don’t take him seriously. To gain their respect, he wants to become Hokage. He is courageous, honest, and selfless. He wants to serve his countrymen and protect them. Being a member of Team 7 and the Jinchuriki (the one who has a tailed demon inside), he also finds out about his relation to Asura Otsutsuki. Naruto has inherited his chakra and stamina. The fate of this protagonist is quite predictable. He manages to become Hokage as well as to help many Konoha and foreign people. His heroic deeds make him famous. Young ninja marries Hinata Hyuga, who gives birth to two kids, Boruto and Himawari.

2. Kakashi Hatake

He is the sensei of Team 7. Before he became a team’s leader, he was a student of Minato, the protagonist’s father. Naruto’s father’s Minato. He got one Sharingan eye from Obito Uchiha, his teammate. After the Great Ninja War IV, Kakashi became the Hokage. He was the chief of Konoha for many years. Afterward, he passed his rule to Naruto.

3. Sasuke Uchiha

Another member of Team 7, he is the second main character of this manga. He is also one of the Uchiha, an influential ninja clan. These people are the descendants of Indra Otsutsuki. Thus, they have Sharingan eyes. Sasuke’s only wish is to take revenge for the clan. This desire makes him abandon the village, and distance himself from his friends. He even becomes a sort of international criminal. Still, he manages to find out the truth about his brother and after Naruto rescues him, he returns to Konoha and starts helping ninjas to protect the village and innocent people. Well, the Naruto storyline is not primitive and straightforward, that’s true.


4. Sakura Haruno

A female member of Team 7, and one of the protagonist’s friends. Her main task is to cure ninjas. She was trained by Tsunade. From the very beginning, Sakura was interested in personal relations with Sasuke, not being overly friendly towards Naruto. Over time, Sakura and Naruto became friends. The girl finally married Sasuke and gave birth to their daughter Sarada.

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Interesting Themes for Essays on Naruto

At last, the female characters have become active participants in the events. Now Sakura can at least take care of and heal Naruto. Even though the role of a healer is quite usual for the manga, this is considerable progress compared with times when female characters were just falling in love and crying a lot while their beloved ones were getting ready for wars. This manga’s target audience is male thus, the author doesn’t focus much on female personages. Meanwhile, the anime version has several episodes where the personal growth of girls like Ino, Sakura, Tsunade, Hinata, and Tenten is stressed. So, the personal growth of female characters is a fresh theme for a Naruto paper.

One of the character traits that make Naruto an outstanding manga hero is his altruism and respect for others. He is ready to sacrifice his interests and his happiness to protect his family, friends, and the village.

Rarely do we come across a manga character who is as caring towards others as Naruto. With a heart full of love for people, he makes the reader want to become a better person. This makes Naruto an extraordinary personage, who strives to positively influence the lives of others. His persistence and bravery make this teenager an excellent ninja. Is this character underestimated? Yes. But it will take you time and attention to detail to highlight Naruto’s strengths in a well-written essay on Naruto.

Among various themes of Naruto, this one resonates with many. The main hero is so relatable. He makes mistakes from time to time and thus reminds us of ourselves.

Yes, sometimes his best human qualities, perseverance, loyalty, and kindness, lead him to mistakes. And this is just the thing we like about him so much. Naruto is stubborn to a fault. He is merciful to a fault. He is sacrificial to a fault. He literally allows Guren to beat him half to death to atone for Sasuke’s sins. This is the deed of a true hero: he takes responsibility for the mistakes of those whom he protects. At the same time, as every man on earth, he deals with constant internal struggles.

And finally, having defeated Pein, he becomes a respected hero known in his village and the world. Still, fame and influence do not spoil him. He manages to become the Hokage who cares about peaceful people and protects them.

Of course, Naruto writing does not revolve around these three themes only. You can write on topics such as loneliness, dreams, failure, empathy, self-reliance, rivalry, change and growing up, strength, and heroism. If you cannot choose an appropriate topic for your essay, or you simply lack time to properly work on it, ask our professional writers for Naruto online help. We have already helped numerous students with their writing assignments, and we can surely help you.

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