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No More Suffering from Homesickness

September 15, 2017

Homesickness is not that difficult to cope with

Every teenager dreams to start living independently after entering college, move to another town, and feel the taste of an adult life. For an enrollee, the process itself is stressful and exhausting. About few weeks all the thoughts are concentrated on the exams and other cares. Being so concerned about all these things, school-leavers even do not think about heart sinking feelings after leaving hometown. Not everyone is prepared to that and may suffer depression. However, there are many safe ways to come through this syndrome. The first thing you should do is to find the source of things that make you disappointed and the other thing is to define the real action you are ready to take.

Do not be very critical of yourself

When you miss home, it means you have close relations with your family and friends. What is more, a lot of happy memories are reminding you about the native town and years spent there. When the surrounding changes at once, you are not in your comfort zone anymore. Only being in such conditions, you start realizing all the delights of your previous life.

Not everyone is ready to admit that they feel things of this kind. Psychological researches prove that more than half of all the freshers experience homesickness. Therefore, do not feel embarrassed because of such vulnerable state. It is a rather typical thing than something to be ashamed of.  


Show your real emotions

Sometimes fighting against homesickness can be not as successful as you wished it to be. Bottling up your emotions makes you only more nervous and short of temper. The process will definitely fade away with time as you are getting used to college routine. You could not imagine even how fast this would happen to you. That is why, let yourself be sad one day, recall memories, and look at photos with your nearest and dearest. This is something you should go through, so it would not be perceived as stress. It is also a good idea to share your feelings with somebody if you feel like doing it. The campus counseling center is always happy to help every student to deal with some difficulties.

The time of crucial changes

It may be that last few months have brought more changes to your life than previous ten years. Recently you have been making very serious decisions that will define your future. In fact, you are now a part of an absolutely new social group where you are not familiar with anyone. Additionally, the city is also unknown to you.

Try to find positive sides of the situation, manage your lifestyle. Now you are responsible for many things you have never cared of. For example, before your parents were controlling all the resources in the family. But now it is your turn to decide where and on what to spend money. This is high time for you to be established as a personality. Enjoy this moment not paying attention to the difficulties you face.


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