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Our Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program
Our Affiliate Program (mobile)

Student Affiliate Program from Our Service: How to Get Bonuses for Orders?

Our company is undoubtedly a leader among its competitors on the custom writing market. Apart from excellent writing service, we offer a lucrative opportunity for our clients to take part in our student affiliate program. Are you eager to know what it is? An affiliate program provides our clients with a perfect opportunity to get bonuses if their friends order papers from us. In other words, you get a bonus when you have recommended our company to your friends and they have placed a paper with us. We view this affiliate program as a perfect way of showing commitment and respect to our clients who have been loyal with us for many years. The number of our customers is growing more and more, and thus we want to give thanks to them for staying with us and choosing us among of our competitors. The affiliate program we offer is a chance to attract customers to use our impeccable custom writing services and at the same time saving money and efforts. Once you participate in the affiliate program, you do not merely have to spend money on the papers but you can also save it!

If you have an idea to begin cooperation with EssaysLeader.com but you are still in doubts, keep in mind that you will not only have a perfect opportunity to use our top-notch writing services but will also be able to provide recommendations about us and spread other information about the company to other people. As such, you will get bonuses for the promotion work.

First, you will get a 10% bonuses every time your classmate or friend places an order with us after your recommendation.

Second, this friend of yours, in his/ her turn, will get a discount of the whole 17% for the first paper purchased from EssaysLeader.com.

What Is Offered by Our Company?

1Recommend our company
2Other pays for their order
3You will get a 10% bonus

How to Participate in Our Affiliate Program?

  • Enter login and password into the corresponding fields and open your personal account.
  • Open the section entitled “Affiliate Program” and look through the details provided there. Take a closer look and you will find your individual promotional code, the form where you should enter emails of the recipients*, and the affiliate link for forwarding the information to your acquaintances or group mates.
  • Once you have read the information, copy the link and send it to your friends and group mates.
  • Each person who visits the link sent by you will get a discount for his/ her first order. Consequently, you will get your bonus for promoting our company. Besides, our company’s system remembers each user who enters the promo code.
  • The discount will be applied automatically. This is how the first special order from EssaysLeader.com is received.

Who can become EssaysLeader affiliate?

Social accounts

Place links to our website on your social accounts. Use Viber / Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp to promote.

Business cards

Print business cards and distribute to your friends for becoming our affiliate parther.

Promo code

You should give your special promo code or your referral link to your friends. Join them by following link.

Discount code

Earn money sharing your discount code via email to anybody after signing up for our affiliate program.


Find out how to promote your discount code on Youtube. Create a special Youtube channel to promote your code.


On second thought, everyone who’s interested in earning can take their bonus by becoming a new affiliate partner!

Advantages You Get When You Take Part in Our Student Writing Affiliate Program

The main idea of our affiliate program is to provide bonuses for our loyal clients for their attempts in spreading information about our company and recommending us to others. You can collect these bonuses in your personal cabinet and later use them to pay for your orders either fully or partially. As such, when you place your own essays, case studies, reviews, reports, research papers or any other types of academic writing, you will be able to use bonuses instead of money. Another way of using the bonuses is to extract them via wire transfer.

What our clients say?
My thanks go to the writer who helped with my research paper and did such a superb job. It was so much better than I had expected.
James S.
Thanks to your support staff. I had to call twice for progress reports and each time they answered promptly and were really helpful.
Lisa W.
I’d like to say thanks for the fair prices. It’s good to know that there is somewhere affordable yet good quality for students on limited budgets!
Kevin O.
The writing service you provide is excellent and the same applies to the way you look after your customers. You’re the best company ever!
Lucy V.
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