Outstanding 5 Paragraph Essay Topics (part 1)

August 2, 2016

Freshmen usually have a lot of writing assignments during the first year of studies. One of them is producing papers on 5 paragraph essay topics. We will provide you with useful tips on preparing such a work, so that you know what to start it with.

It should be admitted that one of the common assignments given to students is writing a 5 paragraph essay. If you practice a lot, you will not have any difficulties with producing it. You should remember that it is necessary to make a clear outline first. It will help you organize your work properly.

You do want to choose an interesting topic for your paper and make a 5 paragraph essay outline in the right way, don’t you? Thus, you should consider the following recommendations:

Why do teenagers get away from home? Explain the reasons for this.

Describe whether advertisements have a strong influence on you. In this case, it is very useful to cite vivid examples.

Explore whether the US citizens have to be obliged to do military service no matter their physical health.

What are the advantages of living in a big city?

Should people own guns? Analyze the pros and cons. Explain your point of view.

Imagine that have an opportunity to put some things in a time capsule that will be shown to people in 3000 years. What things would you put in it?

A large number of students drop out of college after the first year. Perhaps they do not know how to write a 5 paragraph essay or complete other academic assignments. Express your opinion about the matter.

What is your attitude towards feminist movements? Examine whether such movements bring advantages to men?

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There are different types of restaurants in the USA. Each of them offers a particular cuisine. What would you recommend to a tourist who wants to try Southern styles of food?

Do you consider obesity a widespread epidemic?

Should parents be informed by respective agencies about the fact that their underage children want to use contraception?

There is a complete lack of teachers in Mathematics in secondary schools. What has caused such shortage? When writing a paper on this topic, you may use a 5 paragraph essay template. It will help you structure the work properly.

What are the ways of solving the problem of drug addiction? Express your opinion on the issue.

Imagine that people would be able to live about 150 years. Would you like to live such a long life? How the society would change? Present your viewpoint.

Is it possible to make all people happy? What is an essential prerequisite for it?

To be continued…


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