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Overcoming Test Anxiety

March 17, 2017

It is common knowledge that all students become nervous before the exam. They cannot even prepare appropriately because of that. Such students say: “Oh, no! I have been studying all night before the exam, and now I do not remember anything. I am fed up with it! ”In spite of this, there are several effective tips that can help any student to pass an exam successfully and with remarkable ease.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

  1. I am inclined to believe, you should get to know which type of exam is going to be. In addition, information about the number of questions and time that is given will be helpful for you.
  2. One good proverb says: “Practice makes perfect.” In other words, take some similar exams and see whether you can complete all of the exercises on time. Actually, without effective previous preparation, you will not be able to deal with complicated tasks during a test.
  3. Furthermore, create your own list of the most frequent errors and read through it several times before the exam.
  4. Frankly speaking, doctors say: “Sleep is the key to health,” so it is significant to sleep two nights before the test for at least 8 hours.
  5. To tell the truth, some breathing exercises can help you to be cool, calm and make the most of your exam. For instance, imagine that you know all of the answers and then say some encouraging words, like: I am a gifted student; I have a great sense of achievement; I have the right attitude, etc. After that concentrate on your breathing.
  6. Have you ever thought that even food can help you to succeed in the exam? Choose low-fat protein because it will keep you alive and kicking.
  7. Keep confident in your possibilities and persevere with all of the tasks. While taking an exam say some positive phrases one more time: I am a very talented student; I have been preparing thoroughly, so I do not have anything to be afraid of; I know it like the back of my hand, and so on.
  8. One more useful advice says that it is better to do the easiest tasks in the first place, and then, when your confidence increases, you can proceed with more difficult questions.
  9. Check your answers after you finished the exam. If you hesitate about some of them, do these questions one more time.
  10. Use all time that you are given for the exam. Those students who leave very early often do not achieve full marks in the test.
  11. Finally, after finishing, do not forget to buy something as a REWARD for a good job!

So, you have already learned the most essential methods of preparation for the exam. Everything that is left is to put them into action! Good luck!


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