What to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed in College

December 12, 2017

Your classes have just started and you already want this hell to be over? Maybe it is not your story but, unfortunately, it is mine.  Do not get me wrong, I love my college, classes, and professors. However, sometimes I cannot handle all the pressure during tests and quizzes. What is even more, sometimes it seems that I am always studying, there is ALWAYS essay to write, book to read or test to be prepared for the next day. When my schedule is tight, I feel like I am drowning in dozens of tasks. If you are not good at managing several tasks and get overwhelmed often, these tips will be useful for you.

Effective tips how to avoid of getting overwhelmed

#1 Keep a list of your tasks and assignments

Keep track of all your tasks, so you will not forget about anything. When you know what you should do and what the deadline is, you will not rip your hair out trying to do everything on time. Life is less stressful when everything is in order.

#2 Break up tasks into smaller pieces

You cannot complete assignments for all classes in one night! If you try to do that, this night will be pretty crazy and hard as well as useless. Remember that college is about getting knowledge not only good grades. In addition, you need to take care of your health – sleepless nights and fast food will not make you healthier. Thus, you need to create a schedule for all the tasks you need to complete. If you have a big assignment, break it into smaller pieces. Plan your week in advance, do not procrastinate and all tasks will be bearable and less stressful.

Overwhelmed in college

#3 Take a break when you feel tired

You are not a machine; you cannot work seven night in a row. Take a night off when you will not think about studying but have an effective rest. If you feel like watching two or three episodes of Friends, do it! This night do not force yourself to do something useful, just make yourself happy! Even if you are not tired, take a break to be more effective when studying.

#4 Do not be a part of the social drama

Seriously, your life is stressful enough so you do not need to make it more overwhelming. Dealing with one friend who is mad at you because of something not important can hit you pretty hard. You do not need to ignore the problem, just do not think about this all the time. If you cannot separate personal and studying issues than avoid social drama. In addition, be a good, honest and straightforward friend so your friendship will be firm.

I believe that this post will be useful for you. If you plan everything in advance, you college years will be less stressful. So use these tips and manage stress during studying years.


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