Your personal essay should present yourself effectively. It is important to write an exclusive paper, so that the board can see that you are the applicant they have been looking for. Thus, it should demonstrate your outstanding abilities and valuable qualities. You should not neglect doing this assignment. The point is that the majority of educational establishments pay close attention to such a work. Note that your piece of writing is a focal point of the whole admission process. When reading it, the members of the committee will decide whether you are a suitable candidate or not.


Do you want to know what to start your paper with? You may find and use helpful personal essay examples online. However, you should also answer the questions given below:

If you have managed to answer the above-mentioned questions, you may start writing the first draft. You should choose an excellent subject among a great variety of personal essay topics. Then, it is necessary to write an intriguing introduction. You need to interest the committee in your paper. Otherwise, you may fail.

You should know that the admission board reads hundreds of personal papers. Some of them are very boring. Thus, it turns out that some students do not understand at all how to write a personal essay. If you want to impress the committee, you should start your work with a joke. You may also describe a moment in your life that has influenced your choice. It will make your piece of writing unique. Nevertheless, you need to remember that the presented joke should relate to the topic of your paper.

Note that personal essays have to be edited. In order to submit a perfect work, answer the following questions:

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Personal Essay Sample

Everything has a turning point in life; people discover their hidden potentials as a result of some unpredictable events. This is true about my life. During my entire life father was the end of my perception. I could not live without my father’s thoughts interfering somewhere between my own ones. In fact, every thought, decision and action was guided by my father, and I felt that no decision could be complete without my father’s intervention and approval. I did not know that it could be changed; but it did.

Everything has started with the kidnapping of my father; my world and the world of my family seemed to collapse. We were devastated and did not know what to do. Because my father was not anymore with us, for the first time in my life I felt that a rock that prevented me from rolling down the hill was absent. I had to gather all my efforts and cling to ensure that I did not fall. My family was dependent on me, and my breakdown would mean the breakdown for them as well. The three days that my father was kidnapped were the longest in my life. My mother cried continuously for the whole time, my sister was much devastated and my brother could not believe that it had happened. Such things happened to other people only in the movies, but it was hard to realize that it had happen to our family. I could not imagine my life without father.

The situation gave me courage to take control of the situation. Because my father was not with us, the crisis that faced my family fell on me. I had to stay strong and to give hope to my family even if I did not know the outcome of the situation. I encouraged my family and told them that everything was going to be okay. I was hoping that it would be okay. I kept my eyes on the door, and hoped that my father would come in and confirm that it was just a bad dream. However, the reality was that my father had been kidnapped and we were not sure whether we would ever see him again. For the first time, I made decisions for my family. I had to appear strong because someone had to. I was the only person that my family could rely on; so, I became that person.

This situation changed the way in which I view life. Life is not only about what people do to a person, but also about what a person does to others and how s/he reacts to situations in a difficult time. Evidently, this situation made me realize that I could make decisions that could make other people view life from a different perspective. My family relied on me, and I had to assume the role of my father for them, to provide a feeling of security. When my father returned, I was the most relieved person among all my family members. That is the time I let my emotions swell as everyone was overjoyed. Later my decision to leave Mexico was discussed between me and my father at length; as a result, we left the country soon.

In this new place, I find that I can make good decisions without my father’s advice. I feel more mature than I was before my father was kidnapped. In fact, being in this new place is like a rebirth from an immature person to a mature adult. I believe that all the decisions I make in this place will be good and mature.

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