Procrastination with Benefits

July 12, 2016

While you are reading this right now, you obviously have many important tasks to complete: write a college essay, prepare an annotated bibliography list, apply for a scholarship… However, our brain needs some rest, especially, after intense mental activities.

I am a procrastinator, too. Often, when I decide to take a 5-minute rest from what I’m doing, I find myself doing something else. Recently, a friend of mine suggested a list of things that can make procrastination productive. Basically, this is killing two birds with one stone: you both have a rest and do something meaningful. Check this out, I think you’ll find something to diversify your working dynamics too.

House cleaning

Although we often find it daunting, we actually like house cleaning. This type of activity is perfect for procrastinators because it allows both to warm up your body and release stress. You may not notice it at once, but house cleaning helps to clean your mind. So, instead of scrolling websites, you can:

  • Make your bed
  • Bring your desk into order
  • Do laundry
  • Water indoor plants


Paradoxical as it may seem, we normally do not have time to plan our time! As the result, we miss deadlines, forget about meetings, send late applications, and spend long nights cramming to pass exams. Planning, however, helps become organized and avoid stress. So, whenever you have a spare minute, why don’t you do the following?

  • Create an agenda for the next week
  • Reread your planner and add things to do
  • Write post-it notes with crucial tasks
  • Find an interesting design for a hand-made calendar and try to do it

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Taking care of yourself

A hectic pace of modern life leaves us with very little time for ourselves. We often postpone our hair salon visits till better days. So, when you feel like doing something relaxing, you may:

  • Finally go to the gym
  • Get your nails manicured
  • Have your hair cut
  • Apply a face mask


I realize that very often there are educational activities that make you procrastinate – preparing for that exam is really challenging so you may feel like watching the very last YouTube video. Still, there are many useful things you can do to take a break:

  • Copy class notes
  • Do homework for the next week class
  • Do your part of a group project
  • Add next month tasks to your planner
  • Create a blog

After doing something of these, you won’t feel guilty for wasting your time. Congratulations! You’ve become a productive procrastinator! And now you can switch to completing the task you have been procrastinating from.



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