9 Reasons to Read Even If It’s Not Assigned

October 6, 2017

If you think that you don’t like reading, you might be wrong. Maybe, this happens because you have been made to read the books you were not interested in? If this is the reason, all you need to do is to understand that reading is a great hobby and look for something you want to read. Why not read for your own enjoyment! Still don’t believe us? The reasons that we provide in this article will make you change your mind!

List of reasons

  1. Reading is fun. Reading is a free kind of entertainment that lets you use your imagination to the fullest. Try it with any book and you will certainly like it!
  2. Reading improves your writing. When you read a lot, you automatically catch some interesting phrases, words and jokes that you may later use in your own writing or everyday communication. Isn’t it great?
  3. It prepares you for the classes. When you’re forced to read a book during your semester, when you have so many other things to do, chances are high that you won’t enjoy it. So, it’s always a great bonus when it turns out you’ve already read the book you need for a class.
  4. It expands your vocabulary. Very often, while reading, you encounter the words you don’t understand. In this case, you can look them up in a dictionary, ask other people what they mean or guess it from the context. In such a way, you can learn new phrases and words (which is always great).

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  1. You learn new things. There is something to learn from any book – whether it’s historical, cultural or any other information.
  2. Reading cures your boredom. Reading is like going on an adventure that you would never undertake in your real life. When you’re plunging into the world of a particular book (whether it’s a historical one, fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, or even poetry), you experience the story together with the characters. You use your mind and your imagination to travel the world presented in the story. As George R.R. Martin once said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” Fascinating point, is not it?
  3. Reading makes you think. Whether you’re thinking about the use of a metaphor in a poem or about the person who committed a crime in a detective book, you’re certainly thinking while reading!
  4. It helps you make new friends. Common interests, in particular kinds of books, have always been one of the main ways to make friends!
  5. Reading relieves stress. When you’re reading, you forget about your everyday worries and think only about the story and its characters.

Do you agree with my points? I don’t think that you can say anything against any of them! So, start reading for your own enjoyment, if you still haven’t done it!


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