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Learn how to Write a Recommendation on LinkedIn

September 24, 2019

Do you need to write a recommendation on LinkedIn? Do you want to do it fast and easy? Find out how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn in 5 minutes:

  1. Grab reader’s attention
  2. Mention your recommending authority
  3. Provide a description of strengths and values
  4. Add emotional and even a bit of personal touch
  5. Finish with concise but strong end statement

We encourage you to continue reading this article in order to find out in more details how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn and check out samples.
Learn how to Write a Recommendation on LinkedIn
Do you have a task to give a recommendation on LinkedIn? Great! We are happy for you! If you keep on reading, you will learn how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn. Firstly, we will provide you with explanation and then you will have an opportunity to check out the sample of recommendation.

Writing a recommendation on LinkedIn effectively one has to comprehend as well as accept the fact that not only services and certain products should be marketed but people too. When an individual wants to get a job, his/her qualities should be sold professionally to a hiring manager. Do not get upset if you are not a professional salesperson or marketer and lack sales skills.

How to Write a Recommendation on LinkedIn?

You should understand that LinkedIn Recommendations refer to small sales pitches that assist in selling one’s skills. In other words, it is a large job market. That is why your task is to write a recommendation that describes recommendee’s best skills and features and what benefits the hiring manager will get if he/she choose to hire the recommendee. 

Check out the below-given Sample of LinkedIn Recommendation

“Meeting such talented people as Dave happens rarely. We have worked together with Dave in a large corporation for three years and it was a pleasure. We worked on several projects that turned out to be successful due to Dave’s professionalism. His ability to manage projects helped to increase the revenue of our corporation. As a result, the productivity level increased significantly. Regardless of tensed meetings, Dave did his best to make sure that all employees are satisfied and happy. Dave deserves best recommendations from me because he proved to be an effective leader.”

You may want to find out how we managed to create such a recommendation on LinkedIn? Below you will find our detailed guide. Follow the steps and you will be willing to write a recommendation on LinkedIn with ease:

Step One: Grab Reader’s Attention

A strong opening line will help you to attract the readers. Remember that movies begin with exciting scenes that impress the viewers. It makes them feel that they need to watch the movie to the end. You can apply the same strategy in your recommendation. Begin with a statement that summarizes all your recommendation. This is how you can grab reader’s attention. Check out the below three samples:   

” Meeting such talented people as Dave happens rarely.”

”Not everyone has a chance to work with such an effective leader as Sarah.”

”When I think about Steve, the only phrase comes to my mind and its: ‘Genuine expert’”

When one reads such sort of lines, he/she will have a desire to read the recommendation to the end in order to find out more about the recommendee. It is better not to overuse superlatives throughout the recommendation. Be careful with it so as not to make an impression as if you tend to exaggerate things. The key to success is choosing the correct phrases in order to highlight person’s strong features and skills.

Step Two: Mention about Your Authority in Recommending

Readers will want to know how you met. It will be possible to see the details in LinkedIn next to the recommendation. However, you will have to summarize your relationship briefly. It will help to understand why you are entitled to give recommendations. Check out the samples:

”Juliana has effectively worked in my corporation for three years.”

”I have collaborated with Steve on a few projects and they turned out to be successful due to Steve’s professional leadership skills.”

”I decide to hire Jack as an IT developer in 2016 and since then he has finished a number of effective projects in my company.”

There is no need to provide a lot of details. Mention the position, the date and work experience. Such positive word expressions as effective projects, professional skills, etc. will only strengthen your opening statement.

Step Three: Provide a Description of Strengths and Values

Think about strong features and what exactly makes the person stand out. This part of recommendation is really important. Check out the samples:

” Dave’s ability to manage projects helped to increase the revenue of our corporation.”

”John managed to cope with the most difficult project.”

”Monica’s ability to inspire people to share their ideas has always impressed me.”

If you decide to omit this part, your recommendation will become meaningless. A single sentence can prove that an individual has unique skills and abilities.

Step Four: Add Emotional and Personal Touch

Hiring for a job is not always about professionalism. Personality is also crucial for a hiring manager. Check out the samples:

”We miss Dave because he used to brighten our day and the office.”

”Sarah used perfect motivation, which is coffee and donuts.”

”Steve used to make really cool jokes at the meetings.”

Be careful and describe one’s personality politically correct.

Step Five: Concise but Strong End Statement

End with a simple one line recommendation. Samples are below:

”Any hiring manager would be so lucky to hire Dave.”

”Hiring Tom would be a real success for any corporation.”

”Sarah deserves the best recommendations.”

This is the end. You have written everything you needed to. As you can see, it does not take much time and efforts.

You can also write your recommendations even faster when you decide using free recommendation generator.


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