Reflective essay

A key feature of this paper is sharing writer’s experience. Thus, when writing your reflective essay, you need to describe your personal experience and express your feelings on the occurred events. The purpose of discussing some moments of life or situations is to show that they are significant for you. Moreover, in this way, you may demonstrate how human relations are built. Sometimes, a reflective paper may be compared to a philosophical work. The point is that it analyzes the situations people get into every day. Producing this essay is a great way to display your creative skills. Furthermore, it is an excellent chance to show that you know how to make a detailed analysis of the issue and clearly express your opinion on it.

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Producing Reflective Papers

Do you want to know how to write a reflective essay efficiently? Note that it is essential to express your personality when describing particular events. You need to show your attitude towards the analyzed situation. Therefore, try to explain how it has affected you. Has it changed your outlook on life? By the way, there is a considerable variety of topics for writing reflective works. One of the most popular is “The value of friendship.” When examining it, you need to ponder deeply over such notion as “friendship.” You should try to show what it matters to you. However, do not forget to take your life experience into account when exploring this issue. Usually, reflective essays are full of rhetoric questions.

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This section presents the way you are going to produce your work. Therefore, when preparing a reflective essay outline, you need to formulate the principles of writing your paper. Note that it is of profound importance to train a lot to become an expert in producing such type of paper.

There are no official rules for structuring reflective works in a particular way. The method of writing such papers differs from that of others. It often happens that a thesis statement as well as conclusion may be unclear no matter the reflective essay topics.

Before you start producing your work, find a precise reflective essay definition to know exactly what you are going to deal with. Then, write an introduction. It should inform readers about the described situation or events. You may provide important details to interest readers in your paper. The body should present your ideas about the discussed subject. A conclusion should sum up the key points of your reflective essay. In this section, you need to share your opinion about the matter.

Now, you know the answer to the question “What is a reflective essay?” As to the topics for reflective essays, they are numerous. If you choose an interesting one, you will write a superior work. In case you do not know which topic to select, get in touch with us. We are the best in writing a reflective essay of top quality.

This work can be formatted in APA, MLA, Turabian, or any other reflective essay format. Everything depends on the instructions provided by the professor. You should be attentive in order to organize indents, footnotes, references, and other paper elements properly.

Common Reflection Essay Structure

Reflective Essay Sample

When I joined ESL class, my cardinal aim was to know how to write. It means I wanted to learn how to construct and develop sentences. Apart from that, I had the intention to know how to construct content with evidence. On the general scale, I had the desire to acquire knowledge and skills in the writing realm. Admittedly, the ESL 273 lessons have not only been comprehensive but also intriguing. It is ascribed to the fact that they involved lots of exercises that developed my writing skills. Today, I am a proud student since I have numerous insights regarding writing. This essay reflects my writing journey. Much of my experience with ESL 273 has been underscored. In bare outlines, the essay provides my writing portfolio.


Any learning process has strong and weak points. Unsurprisingly, I experienced some shortcomings while pursuing this course. I would term such shortcomings as my major weaknesses. One of the main problems experienced is that some elements of writing were not well captured. I would attribute this to complexity of certain writing structures. Nonetheless, it is my hope that I will learn them through experience. Such aspects include formulation of sentences using active voice. After the assessment of most of my writings, it is easy to notice the weakness of constructing sentences using active voice. Mainly, I used passive voice. Even though there was nothing wrong with the expression of thoughts, it would be novel if I constructed active voice sentences right. However, presently there is nothing much to discuss about my weaknesses since I am confident about my current writing skills.


When I began my ESL 273 lessons, I was extremely poor in writing. Construction of sentences to make a clear statement was enormously difficult for me. If one read through my sentences, they could not ascertain a slight meaning of the phrases. What is more, even teachers could not specify whether the statement indicates present, past or future tense. This was a major shortcoming, and I never believed that I could eradicate it. Surprisingly, it was so strange that the lessons gave me adequate experience to quickly grasp this skill. Essentially, I would term such a spontaneous transformation as the strangest thing that happened to me while studying basic concepts of writing.


At the time I joined this class, I was not good at writing. However, I am glad that I have made significant improvements as far as writing is concerned. For instance, the experience that I have gained through exercises made me a better typist. As if that is not enough, I can now connect sentences and produce a good idea in every paragraph. In addition, I have the ability to connect facts with evidence. For instance, the work I wrote about Animal Testing is of great significance. This essay involved writing about how scientists unfairly use animals for miscellaneous experiments. It required facts that were to be substantiated by evidence. I wrote it very well to the extent of earning the highest marks in the class. Another memorable experience is when I wrote about Back to Past in Time. The manner in which I constructed sentences and critically analyzed them was simply amazing. In consequence, I earned good marks for this meticulously composed paper.


Writing is an art. It involves considerate arrangement of words to make a reasonable sentence. When sensible sentences are joined, they make a paragraph, which delivers an idea. Thus, writing remains one of the most effective ways of communication. To this effect, there is a need for more people to embrace the skill of writing. Through this skill, they are given a chance to communicate their unparalleled thoughts to the world. By enrolling in ESL 273 classes, anyone can be sure that top-notch writing skills will be acquired. Personally, I attribute all my writing skills to this amazing course.

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