Are you looking at the blank page on your computer and do not know how to start writing your research paper? It is not a secret that academic writing is difficult but such skills and knowledge are important for your success during your studying and upcoming career. That is why you have to put all your efforts to learn the art of writing.

If you have no idea how to begin, pay attention in this article to efficient methods that make this process maximally pain-free.

How to Create an APA Research Paper

How to Create an APA Research Paper
How to Create an APA Research Paper (mobile)
We will share the writing process into simple parts to assist you with understanding in which way to write a research paper quickly.

Step 1. Select a Theme

Sometimes students are given their research work themes, but if you are quite a lucky person and have such a chance, select your theme wisely. Foremost, consider selecting a challenging theme you are engaged in. Then, you will not be annoyed when conducting the research as you are able to disclose something new for yourself.

If your theme is too extensive, your research work will not be successful as it will look like a common review. You have to decrease your theme to a certain concept or idea and make it particular and controllable. For instance, if your theme is “Air Pollution”, you have to decrease it to “Reasons for Air Pollution.”

Step 2. Create a Clear Thesis Statement

Make a thesis before you actually arrange your research as it will direct your investigation and will keep you focused on your topic. Your thesis statement has to be brief and implement the kind of work you are writing. All research works can be grouped:

You should dedicate much of your valuable time to writing a powerful thesis statement so that your work has a plain goal. Your thesis has to be disputable and tight as your claims have to be supported by proves. Here is a sample of a disputable thesis statement:

Step 3. Conduct Research on Your Theme

You have to find enough amount of secondary and primary reliable sources on the subject of your work and find pertinent prove to support your thesis. At this step, you have to estimate your sources, make notes, and begin documenting your sources according to a quotation manner indicating by your professor (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.)

Double-check to apply the newest edition of particular style guidelines. You will apply your notes about references later when composing your work and completing your bibliography. It is significant to quote all sources that you applied for citation, rephrasing, and summarizing to do not add any plagiarism.

Step 4. Create a Good Plan

Your research provides plenty of amazing ideas. Now you should arrange them for your interesting presentation. Do not miss that important stage as without it, your work will lack focal point and you will need more time for reviewing your project to clean up your messed thoughts. That is why you definitely need a plan. You have to summarize your thesis and write a strong plan that will guide you and help to stay concentrated.

Consider the key elements that you will need to reveal to support your thesis statement. You can apply them as subheadings for the body of your work. Double-check to involve only relevant data that suits to be sub-headings.

When creating a plan, you have to remember about common research paper composition that typically includes:

But if your research work is not extensive, its form may involve only an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Anyway, you have to always keep particular instructions from your professor.

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Step 5. Write the First Rough Copy

This is the average part of writing a research paper. You have a plain direction and it is the right moment to write the first rough copy with a title, in-text quotations, and a reference list.

The title is quite significant if you wish to make a nice impression in your audience as it is the first thing that they notice. It creates their opinion about what exactly they have to wait for in your work. You have to mention the key points that introduce the theme of your work, the techniques you used, and your final outcome. Now write a sentence that involves all the key points that you have mentioned and remove all the needless words. Next, you have to connect all the rest ones. In the end, you have to remove needless data and arrange the remaining words in the consequential form. You can also add the subtitle. Check if your title is brief.

After that, you have to create an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. These are the central chapters of your work so give us a chance to provide you some details on how to arrange it right.
No one person can create their first rough copy ideally. Anyway, if you wish to make a nice impression on your lecturer and get a high mark, you have to review your rough copy to check if your project is good enough. Be ready that you may need to review your work a couple of times as it truly worth that.

Step 6. Review, Edit, and Double-check

You need to implement huge changes and pay attention to consistency, flow, transitions, put changes in the composition and turn of your paragraphs. You have to check if all of your ideas are totally disclosed and all the affirmations are supported by reliable proves. You may need to add or remove some part’s headings.

The next step is correcting. You need to check and remove filler words and phrases, refine word selection, and edit errors in punctuation and grammar if you face with such. You have to seek for:

You will need to read your work a few times. A great method is to read your work backwards. In such a way, you will have a strange feeling of disorientation and will have an opportunity to notice more errors. You have to begin reading the final sentence, then check the second to the last one and keep doing this until you reach the top sentence.

You have to ask your colleagues or relatives to read your work and provide their honest point of view about it. They have to estimate your argument, transitions, balance, and pay attention to any possible kinds of mistakes. Ask your colleagues to give their comments and make offers regarding some changes. In the end, you can print out your work and read it, again and again, to remove any small mistakes or typos to make sure that your great research paper is unblemished.

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