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Saint Patrick’s Day in the USA

March 17, 2017

Saint Patrick’s Day was brought to the USA by American immigrants. In 1737, the celebration was held in Boston, Massachusetts for the first time. New York joined the celebration in 1756 by organizing the feast at the Crown and Thistle Tavern. In 1780, General George Washington allowed the Irish soldiers in the Continental Army to celebrate the occasion on March 17. This date became famous as the St. Patrick’s Day Encampment.

Currently, people from different backgrounds celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in the USA. Traditionally, all the participants of the holiday wear green clothes and pinch those who do not.

Saint Patrick’s Day Parades in the USA

Nowadays, many parades are organized throughout the country in honor of St. Patrick. World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade occurs annually in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is not a surprise that the feast takes place on the famous Bridge Street which is called the shortest street on the globe.

The biggest Saint Patrick’s Day parade outside Ireland is held in New York. In 2006, there were 2 million spectators and approximately 150,000 marchers who participated in the parade, including firefighters, bands, police groups, immigrant societies, county associations, cultural and societal clubs, etc. Traditionally, the Ancient Order of Hibernians organizes and runs the annual parade in New York.

St. Patrick's Day

Traditional Celebration

If March 17 falls on Sunday, the celebration is usually held on March 16 (previous Saturday). However, there are cities, e.g. San Francisco, that always celebrate the holiday on Sunday before the official holiday takes place. 

There are cities that dye the traffic stripes in green color. Also, Chicago dyes its biggest rivers green, and Savannah dyes the water in city fountains.

Some of the major baseball teams, for example Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox, wear green uniforms during the holiday despite the fact that baseball season is still on.

Saint Patrick’s Day is an awesome holiday to have fun in a pub dancing and drinking green beer. Join the celebration this year and do not miss your chance to have a good time together with your friends.


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