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Learn How to Write a Satire Essay of Superb Quality

February 10, 2021

If you have been assigned to write a satire essay, you are probably feeling stressed and confused. How to write a satire essay? What makes this essay different from other types of academic writing? In academic writing, a satire essay plays a special role. On the one hand, the writer should follow the latest writing standards. On the other hand, it is acceptable to make this essay less formal. In its essence, a satire essay is known as an academic piece, which aims to analyze the particular topic in a humorous way. When discussing some facts or ideas, the writer will use different instruments and techniques to convey their messages in a way that will make the paper funny for the intended audience. When writing a satire essay, you will need to pay special attention to the humor.

A satire essay brings emotional pleasure to not only the reader but also to the writer. Being written well, a satire essay will make an important impact on the reader allowing them to look at the ordinary thing or issue from a different angle. Nevertheless, humor is a very sensitive issue, which can be rather challenging to understand for the inexperienced writer. Different people have different senses of humor. The problem is that your reader may have a sense of humor that can be different from yours. As such, when reading your essay, he or she will not enjoy it, which will lead to receiving an unsatisfactory outcome. As such, you should know that a satire essay serves not only for entertainment purposes but also can be educating and thought provoking. If you have to write a satire essay but you have no idea how to do it right, feel free to check out our handy suggestions and you will definitely boost your writing talent.

Key Satire Techniques

Before you start working on your satire essay, you should know that the common forms of satire are irony, parody, and sarcasm. The world literature knows many famous satirical writers such as Mark Twain, George Orwell, Jonathan Swift, and many others, who used different instruments and techniques to convey their ideas. These authors criticized the political and social order, as well as human blemishes by using humor and satire. Have a closer look at what techniques can help you reach the anticipated effect in your satirical essay:

  • Hyperbole. In fact, exaggeration is the best way to explain how the particular topic has amused or shocked you with its silliness or inappropriateness. Whereas many other papers should be detailed and informative, when you are writing a satirical essay, it is totally acceptable to use exaggeration as long as it allows you to convey your ideas;
  • Sarcasm. According to a common definition, sarcasm is a remark that is made in a bitter contempt that means clearly the opposite of what was said. Though sarcasm can be quite painful for the subject of satirizing, it is the tool that is used very often in writing satirical essays;
  • Irony. This technique is based on describing the event or subject in such a way that the meaning is different from the actual state of things. Typically, the irony is aimed at highlighting the difference between reality and appearance.

How to Write a Satire Essay and Get a Good Grade for It?

If you are reading this article, then you probably want to understand how to write a satire essay. We highly recommend you follow our recommendations and suggestions and you will be able to write an essay that will please the most demanding tutor:

  • Study your instructions. If your teacher has provided you with a set of requirements, you need to study them carefully in order to understand all of them. You will be able to get a good grade for your paper only if you follow your prompt precisely;
  • Choose a good topic. The first step in writing a good satire essay is to choose a topic that will not only allow you to write a good-looking paper but also enable you to enjoy the writing process. Ideally, you will need to pick up a subject you are passionate. By choosing the topic that does not match your interests, you will not be able to create an essay that will engage your reader. Plus, if you choose the topic you like, you will be able to connect it with your personal experiences adding more humor to your essay;
  • When the topic is chosen, you will need to think it over in order to find out the aspects you can discuss in your essay. By writing your essay spontaneously, you will definitely make your ideas abrupt and too shallow. So, when brainstorming your ideas, make sure to ask yourself “What is ironic or funny about this topic?” “What humorous techniques can I use to reach the desired effect?” When writing a satire essay, you should not be afraid to play with your text, make appropriate exaggerations, funny observations, etc.;
  • Think about your audience. A satire essay should be focused on your audience because their reaction will help you understand if you managed to reach your goals. Once you know who is your target audience, you will be able to figure out what tone and voice to choose for writing your essay;
  • Use exaggeration and hyperbole. An exaggeration is a classic technique that is used by all writers working on satirical essays. For example, the phrase “I am so thirsty that I could drink a river” is an exaggeration that helps the reader understand that the writer is very thirsty. Of course, you will not be able to drink a river and will not even try to do that;
  • Use sarcasm. Sarcasm is one of the best instruments used by satire writers. This instrument will not only allow you to engage your audience but will also help your readers imagine the situation you are talking. When writing about some situation using sarcasm, your reader will easily understand that you are trying to say exactly the opposite;
  • Look for some examples. If you have never worked on satirical essays before, you probably want to know how such an essay should be written and structured. We highly recommend you have a look at some samples that will enable you to understand how to use humor in your satire essay;
  • Have fun! Writing a satire essay is not only about tackling one more assignment in your academic curriculum. It is also about having some fun and emotional pleasure from the process. So, if you have to write a satire essay, get ready for an interesting adventure that will take you closer to your success.

We do hope that our tips helped you understand how to write a satire essay. Do not be afraid of this task because you will be able to achieve the best outcome by using your creativity and writing talent. Good luck!

Satire Essay Sample

Most people think that comedy is all about making people laugh; it is about originality and creativeness. Comedy aims at informing the audience that what they don’t believe can happen, and actually takes place. The most important element of comedy is speaking truth where truth is lacking. This is because people believe that truth sets them free. Therefore, where there are analysts, there must be mistruths and the basic requirement, which is satire. After watching this show, I realized that Jon Stewart is a gifted comedian who can use anything to ridicule something that media, government, politicians, or religious leaders do. Following Stewart’s first appearance on CNN’s Crossfire talk show that is hosted by both representatives from Democrats and Republicans to give their political views, nobody knew it would change way people think about his newly released book, America. It was extremely interesting to realize that instead of using the usual funny-man persona, he offers a scathing critique concerning the roles of the media. Another thing was that both the audience and host were left anticipating when Stewart was going to change the topic. Satire is remarkably essential in communicating serious issues in a manner that the person being scoffed at does not realize the real essence of the engagement, but receives the message in a polite manner. For instance, it is not easy to approach someone and tell him/her that, “you are a thief” when you have no proof. This is why for comedians and people should always use satire to send messages to the intended audience because it makes the interpretation of such messages clear.

Boler in his Journal says, “This is what is associated with a paradoxical awareness: on one hand, a postmodern sensibility of the world’s fiction, whereas on the other, an expression of public demand for honesty.” Through the appropriate use of words and being satirical, Stewart develops a stronger psychological connection between messenger and the audience. Through The Daily Show Stewart offers an insight to many people who might have missed the chance to listen and receive the message concerning the media, politics, and what he calls ‘truth to power’. This is well canvassed through satire and the Crossfire episode offers many people with an extensive discussion of issues that affect people’s lives.

Moreover, in most instances when we use satire to send messages, not everyone will be happy, but the fact is that the truth must be told through whatever means. This is why at some point the show burned a hole in the screen because it highlighted on the issues affecting the media profession, politics, among others. After watching the show, one realizes that as much as the show highlights on real issues facing the common Americans or people generally, it also offers humor. In the end the audience receives the message they ought to receive. Through the Daily Show, Stewart addresses numerous issues using satires as his way of delivering message to his audience.

Satire plays an integral role in how we, leaders, and the media express its view regarding a certain issue. In most cases, everyone uses satire; even in courts the judges may use it without knowing. This mainly because it is a form of expression and people are likely to express their feeling in different ways. I remember when I was in my final year in the primary school, we used to laugh at one of our teacher because he could just come and sneak a look at us when it was time for physical education. After which we ran to the field and find him there already waiting for us. This is an incident that relates to how Stewart expresses himself when passing a message to his audience, one is likely to tell what his next move, thus, helps him to have ease in his presentation. Logically, the attention we receive from our audiences is usually the result of how humorous we are. I totally do not agree with this popular say because what matter is how you prepare your audience. Preparation of audience helps the narrator or the presenter to connect the stories, even if he/she was lost at some point.

Looking at a particularly incidence when host Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson invited Stewart to help him take a break from campaign politics, the talks within a short time had ascended or relapsed. However, through a good sense of the tone and the context surrounding the events of that day, things changed for the better. However, I can say that Stewart appeared like a cool college roommate you bring home for ‘Thanksgiving’ only to face the parents’ bourgeois value. Stewart plays a role that depicts him as furious, however, Carlson realizes and goads Stewart to be funny by saying, “be funny. Come on, be funny,” Stewart retorts, “Am not going to be your monkey.” Another incidence is when Stewart was asked whether he hosted John Kery on his show and he sniffed his throne and accuses Carlson and Begala of partisan hackery, he responds, “Absolutely,” and when Carlson reacts that he is kidding, Stewart responds that, “You are on CNN. The show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls.” What follows is laughter from the audience and the hosts.

Stewart uses his humorous effect to express his patriotic duty to speak, parody, ridicule all the falsities constructed. I realized this when he says, “I represent the distracted center… . My comedy is not the comedy of the neurotic. It comes from the center. But it comes from feeling displaced from society because you’re in the center. We’re the group of fairness, common sense, and moderation…We’re clearly the disenfranchised center…because we’re not in charge.”. According to the quote above, I feel that Stewart uses satire after he mirrors the critical views of his audiences or viewers. Since he cares for the common citizens, he therefore, occupies the status of hero for truth.

Another function that satire plays through fiction or real issues is that it the viewers receive a great pleasure when a public figure speaks on their behalf satirically. Through the use of wit, satire makes its point by employing exaggerations, travesty, parody, and grotesquery. Political satire or comedy makes fun of the particular situation and the opinion of the situation. Humor, therefore, helps rectify the situation by reminding both the mighty and the weak that they are not to be taken seriously. In line with my argument, demands for truthfulness can only be achieve through employing such kind of humor.

Finally, it is clear that the popular appeal of the Crossfire lies on the individual’s ability or courage to face issues by whichever means possibly, where Stewart uses satire. Crossfire therefore deserves attention as a manifestation of media coverage to serve as a tool amplification of public engagements. Anybody who watched the Crossfire episode of the Daily Show will unquestionably agree with me that Stewart’s use of satire plays an integral role in sending the intended message to his audience or viewers. People should, therefore, learn how and when to use satire since creation of humor is essential in making the viewers believe in what is being communicated. Luckily, a better example of one who uses satire at the appropriate time and where appropriate, Stewart.


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