Secrets beyond Student-Professor Relationships

December 8, 2017

The topic of professor-student romantic relationships has always belonged to the heated discussions among people. This is a rather widespread practice in colleges and universities; however, before getting into such kind of experience, it is important to be aware of all the problems that can be brought along with such relationships. Read on to get to know answers to the most popularly asked questions concerning student-professor relationship.

Is it OK when students date professors?

Let’s start from the beginning. To get into relationship with any adult, you should be 18 years old. If you are younger than that, forget about your passion and do not annoy your professor with some excessive attention or flirting. Apart from that, many schools have their specific rules that prohibit any kind of student-professor relationships (even if it comes to friendly terms). Some of them just have certain rules, so make sure you know them before you decide to get into such affair. Sometimes, such relationships may put at risk professor’s job.

What if there are no rules?

If you are studying at an educational establishment where there are no specific rules regarding professor-student relationships, consider any existing unofficial social expectations or social norms relating to this kind of relationship. Most probably, such relations are frowned upon. Probably, it’s OK to date a professor if you are not his/ her student (by this I mean you are not studying in his/ her class). Make sure you are not breaking any regulations or rules and do not harm the professor’s reputation.

Stiudent-professor relationships

Even if a student does not attend classes of his/ her loved one professor right now, problems may arise if that professor will conduct classes in a year or two. Among the other problems that could occur in cases of such situation are prejudiced attitude from classmates. They will surely gossip around that you have some special position and are one of the professor’s favorites. Be prepared for tense relationships with your classmates who will envy you and treat you unfairly. Such reasons are solid ones to prohibit any close relations between students and professors.

What if it doesn’t work out?

When you are in love, you hardly ever think about the probable negative consequences (in particular, the possibility of breaking up with your professor). Could you imagine this awkward situation when you break-up but continue to encounter him/ her in the hall or on campus? Or even worse, during the class? No? But it would be prudent to think about such situation.

All in all, before making a decision to start some kind of romantic relationship with your professor, think not only twice but five or six times about the potential outcomes of your relations. Your romantic relationship can spoil the professor’s reputation or even jeopardize his/ her career. Be sure to consider all risks and aftermaths and keep in mind that in college your main attention should be focused on studying and favorable relationships with your group mates.


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