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Seeking for Your Life-long Purpose

December 29, 2017

Finding solutions to existential dilemmas is important but it can also be tiring, time-consuming, or even disorientating. It becomes harder in the modern world, when our minds are overloaded with information and plethora of opportunities makes us perplexed: there are so many things to do that we no longer understand what we really want.

Some strategies which can help you find your own path and purpose in life


Simple as it might be, this method is one of the most effective. If you are not sure what to do next, start reading and try to do it on a regular basis. Try reading on a variety of topics: research articles, best-selling novels, short stories, poems…Challenge yourself and read something outside the range of your preferences. Reading is easy but this activity has an outstanding potential. While reading, we not only broaden our horizons, but also adopt useful skills which can be applied in real life. Finally, it makes your willpower stronger, so if you are not much of a bookworm, it’s high time you became one.

Life-long purpose


Now that you’ve started reading on a regular basis, you might feel that you want to share your knowledge and experience. Why don’t you start writing? You might be surprised with how much your writing skills improve while you read. You do not necessarily have to share your thoughts with the rest of the world ‒ express your ideas in a diary. Keeping a diary has an enormous therapeutic effect because you share your feelings and mull over the solutions to some nagging issues. Some 500-700 words a day is not much but it will help you find your purpose in life faster.

Participate in discussions

Believe it or not, but meaningful conversations with various people – both like-minded and those having a worldview different to yours – are extremely stimulating. The primary rule of polite conversations is staying away from the topics of religion and politics.  This urges people to have pointless conversations which do not help them develop. However delicate a topic might be, it does not mean we cannot discuss important issues with other people. Therefore, I think that speaking openly about controversial issues is interesting, if not to say vital. Nevertheless, a good conversation should not be a monologue: to make it useful, you have to both speak your mind and be willing to listen to (and maybe accept) the ideas of your interlocutor.

Don’t go for the easiest way

Nowadays, we are all looking for the easiest ways of doing things: easy-to-use smartphones, the shortest path, the simplest tasks…But why do we do that? It doesn’t make us smarter and we learn nothing from staying on the safe side all the time, at least not in my experience. I suggest that you explore the world: take the longest way home, go on foot instead of driving your car, cook instead of buying takeaways.  Of course, you do not have to do it all the time. However, dare to think outside the box. It won’t hurt, I promise.


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