Setting Up Your Roommate Agreement

June 20, 2017

Living with your college roommate may be very challenging and problematic at first. To avoid any inconveniences, you can build a roommate agreement, which is extremely helpful. Below you can find 11 tips which will help you with setting your roommate contract up.

  • What can be shared between you in your room?

Define what things you both will share and what is forbidden even to touch. Who is going to refill the paper after printer runs out of it?

  • Do your class schedules match up?

Figure out who is a night owl and who is an early bird. What their class schedules are like? Do they intersect with yours?

  • How do you prefer to study?

Define what each person requires to have an adequate preparation time for his or her lessons. This will prevent minor conflicts that can appear in your everyday life.

  • What to do if you need the room to yourself?

In college, there is a very big chance of meeting your beloved one, so you need somewhere to be with him or her alone, right? Make a deal with your roommate about the time you need the room, but don’t be too impudent.

  • What can be borrowed and what is under restriction?

It’s very hard not to borrow something from your roommate throughout your college life. Make some fair rules to avoid any conflicts.


  • Your personal space.

Can your roommates’ friends hang out on your bed while you’re not at the dorm? Is a mess on your desk your general requirement to study and you don’t want others to touch it?

  • Speak about the visitor policies.

Is it okay to hand out in your room with friends when it’s 8 pm? How many people are okay? Can your friends last longer to help you with studying?

  • Noise.

What level of noise (TV, music, etc.) is okay for you both? Does the noise distract you from studying or sleep?

  • Food.

If you share the food, who is buying the next milk package? Who’s responsible for cleaning a fridge when it gets dirty? What food is okay to keep?

  • Alcohol.

What is your attitude towards alcohol in the room? Is it okay to have people drinking in the room? Alcohol in your room is a problem if you’re underage.

  • Clothes share.

This one is very important for girls. Define whether you’re allowed to borrow each other’s clothes. Who is going to wash them afterwards? How often can you do it?

What to do if you can’t find any compromise with your roommate?

Jokes have always been the best way to tell the truth. If your roommate ate your piece of cake, use jokes to tell him he has to replace it. Don’t angrily come and yell at him, it’s just not worth it.

Don’t spoil one of the highlights of college just by arguing with your roommate. Eliminate problems from the very beginning to avoid them in future.


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