Signs You Are Letting Yourself Down in College

July 25, 2017

One day, I was looking back at my undergraduate years and I felt like I had missed out on so many things. There were numerous academic opportunities missed, games, and events I could have attended and clubs I should have tried. Maybe I could not get rid of the feeling that college years would last forever. Those four years seemed to be endless but actually, it was some of the shortest periods of my life.

Once I had graduated, I was launched into adult life with demanding work schedules and multiple responsibilities. The interesting activities became much harder to come by, and what was even worse – most of them required money. To be honest, there are many opportunities that we have all missed by while studying in college.

Knowing that, I am listing several signs you are letting yourself down in college, hoping at least one of them will hit close to you and will force you to do something about it.

You Are not Using Your Campus Resources

By saying campus resources, I do not just mean fitness classes or something like that. I am talking about tutoring, counseling, career center as well as other departments which are often overlooked by students. All those people are there to help you, so ensure to turn to them for help if you can benefit from their services.

So far as you are paying for attending college, make sure you take advantage of all those awesome resources that are right there waiting for you.


You Are not Asking Tough Questions

I cannot even tell you how many times I let multiple questions left unanswered because I just did not want to speak up in class or I did not want to spend my time on seeking professors during their office hours.

Actually, I now realize that I missed out on so many chances to get better direction, more insight, and new knowledge. To be honest, failing to ask those proper and tough questions resulted in getting grades which I was not satisfied with.

Start writing down some important questions that you have wanted to ask during the whole semester. Take some time to jot down several ideas and then make sure to meet up with at least one professor to get answers.

You Are not Building Your Network

Looking back, I realize why my professors invited students to numerous networking events. As for me personally, I went only for a couple of them. Actually, I was very scared so I did not go for the next ones. Unfortunately, avoiding branching out of my comfort zone led to missing out very important connections with potential employers.

I think it was a good lesson that the growth never comes without discomfort. So if you are simply floating along, it is very likely that you are not making any progress. Just imagine how many professional contacts you can get by just visiting such meetings. Sometimes, it is necessary to take a risk to get a reward.


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