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Spending Your Time Effectively

May 16, 2017

Many of us wished they could remember everything they learn. Despite the fact that it is almost impossible to achieve, there is a chance to maximize your memory capacity up to 90%. The key is to improve your way of remembering not only by spending more time, but also by increasing the efficiency of the time spent on learning.

Ways to Improve Your Efficiency

Your brain can remind of a leaking bucket. Once the information gets into your head, part of it disperses. Your brain is intentionally designed in such a way, so that you were not obsessed with useless information.

Several researches were conducted and it turned out that people usually remember:

  • 5% of data they got from a lecture;
  • 10% of data they got from reading something;
  • 20% of data they got from visual and audio aids;
  • 30% of data they got from a presentation;
  • 50% of data they got from a group discussion;
  • 75% of data they got from practical experience;
  • 90% of data if they use it immediately.


The most common methods of learning nowadays are non-interactive ways of acquiring information that result in ineffective reproducing. Instead of wasting your precious time and resources, it would be much more productive to use “participatory” ways of learning. For example:

  • Learning a foreign language is always more effective with a native speaker, which allows getting an immediate feedback.
  • Keeping yourself fit is always more efficient with a fitness trainer who will give you valuable hints during the workout.
  • Acquiring a new instrument can be easier with a music teacher who may provide you with significant tips.

Unfortunately, everything depends on one thing, which we are not able to buy – time. Whatever we do, whenever we do it, there are only 24 hours in a day. Every second is unique and there is no chance to get it back. However, how is it possible for a simple student to learn, for example, the Spanish language only in 3.5 months? The answer is in the effectiveness of study.

Learning a language for an hour will help you remember 90% of the information, while spending 9 hours on the same task will bring you only 10% on information. Therefore, doing quick math, you can see that it is 9 times more effective to retain the information partly rather than at once.

Only getting everything out of a limited period will bring you the desired efficiency and will save you the most valuable currency in the world – time.



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