Staying Focused After Not Sleeping the Whole Night?

June 9, 2017

Students often experience sleepless nights being overwhelmed with difficult homework. Even if they manage to submit it on time, they still need to postpone healthy sleep until the next night because they often have lectures to visit the same day. I know that it is not easy to concentrate on lectures after having no sleep at all and drinking coffee all night. Both body and mind are exhausted, and you feel terrible. On the contrary, it is still possible to stay awake during the day and focus on your lectures if you follow the ensuing tips carefully.

Sit by the front

Every time I have a lecture after spending a sleepless night, I do my best to sit towards the front of the class. Knowing that a professor may witness me falling asleep makes me even more focused on the lecture.

Chew something

It is also a good sleep-prevention idea to keep your mouth moving during the lecture. As for me, I like to eat spicy chips or sour candies to keep myself alert. Chewing gum may also be the option. Just make sure your professor is okay with a student eating during his/her lecture.

Move your hands

If you do not want to fall asleep, do not keep your body idle during a long time. While some body movements, like tapping your fingers, may be distracting, choose the movements that are less noticeable. For instance, you may draw or take notes. This way you will keep your hands busy and stay focused on the lecture.


Listen to music (before the class)

Your favorite music will help you to concentrate and put you in a better mood. In addition, it will make you more energetic. You may also listen to music during breaks and refill your energy resources.

Turn off your phone

You may be surprised to find out that gadgets are very distracting, especially in the morning when you need to stay focused on more important things than checking your Instagram updates. Do not use your phone during the lecture and you will have less chances to fall asleep.

Drink coffee wisely

Many students name drinking coffee as the best way to stay awake. Thinking deeply, if you do not normally drink coffee or use medication, be careful! Caffeine is a strong drug that influences blood pressure. It is especially dangerous for people who had a sleepless night. So, think twice before having another cup of coffee!

These sleep-prevention strategies will certainly save you from falling asleep during an important lecture. Keep these tips in your mind after having an all-nighter and stay focused on your studies!


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