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Summary writing tips

If you are able to produce a great piece of summary writing, it means that you know how to analyze works thoroughly. Thus, when reading your paper, users will clearly understand the message you want to convey to them. It may be complicated to produce such a work, as it should be concise as well as informative. Nevertheless, if you take the steps provided below, you will learn to write a superior summarizing piece.

Summary Writing Tips

Make a detailed analysis

At this stage, you need to scan the text you are going to analyze. Then, divide it into units and pay close attention to headings. Make sure that you know the meanings of the terms that are used in the work which you need to summarize.

Read the text

When the process of preparation is completed, you may start reading the text. It is necessary to pay attention to the author’s writing style and methods used for formulating the key point of the work. It will help you produce a good summary.

Reread the work

At this point, you need to underline the arguments provided to develop author’s ideas. Furthermore, you should highlight the topic sentences. It is also useful to mark the paragraphs which you are going to make reference to when writing your paper. At the same time, you need to single out those parts of the text that do not provide any valuable information about the topic of the summarized work. One more tip on how to write a summary is to determine unclear sections of the text. Note that you have to clarify them.

Start writing

You have already divided the text into sections and underlined the key points of the analyzed work. Now, you may begin producing your paper. Start with formulating the main idea of each unit. Try to write it in one sentence.

Produce a thesis statement

Note that it is a fundamental element of summaries. When writing a summary, you need to formalize a good thesis statement. In order to achieve it, you should go back to the previous step and read the formulated main idea one more time. Then, present a statement that will show the central point of the work which you need to summarize. If any difficulties with producing a thesis occur, check whether the main idea is formulated clearly.

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Write the first draft

Students are always eager to find out how to write a good summary. Actually, it is not very difficult. You should start with writing a draft. Note that a thesis statement can be an opening sentence of your paper. You have to make sure that the sentences are written in a logical order when constructing the body paragraphs. You should use different transitions to provide a smooth information flow. When preparing your work, you should also keep in mind the following points:

  • Use the verbs in the present tense;
  • Indicate the title of the analyzed text and author’s name;
  • Provide information succinctly. Note that your essay summary should be shorter than the original composition.
  • Cite quotations.
  • Do not express your opinion about the analyzed text. Remember that your task is to convey the author’s message to readers.

Make a thorough check

You should read your paper and make sure that the author’s ideas are presented well.  In addition, check whether, the direct quotes are cited properly. You need to be certain that your work does not provide your comments on the text you have been analyzing.

Make revision

Note that summary essays have to be revised as well as other academic works. You need to check your paper for style, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You may also ask one of your friends to read your paper. Ask them whether the essay is comprehensible. If there any unclear parts, you should revise them and provide more details to make your piece of writing coherent.

Below, there is more useful information on how to write a summary paper in the best way. Consider the following:

You should know that summaries should be concise. If you have to summarize a book, you need to analyze all its parts, i.e. beginning, climax, ending, etc. In order to make an interesting review, you should describe in detail the events happening in a book and its main characters. If your summary essay is outstanding, readers will understand easily what the analyzed book is about and where the discussed action takes place.

One more type of summary writing is chapter summaries. What are their key features? Such a paper should briefly describe the events discussed in book chapters. Moreover, it should present the main idea of the book, indicate principal and minor characters, and describe the place where the action is performed. It is very useful to read such summaries. Do you want to know why? The point is that they provide valuable information about a particular character or event. Thus, you may use it for preparing your own work.

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