Temperament Pecularities

September 22, 2017

Nowadays the world is full of unique people. Actually, there are no two similar characters in the whole world; however, there are quite vivid common types of personality – temperaments. Recent researches have found out that there are a few distinctive character types and have distinguished 16 of them. Experts have developed a unique classification that includes four standard temperament templates. Each of these patterns is then subdivided into four more specific ones and can be designated to a certain person.

Learning about Different Types of Temperament

Perhaps at school or later at college you have heard the phrase “His temperament is right for the job.” That means that a few character traits make it easy for a person to accustom to a working pace, communicate with colleagues, and let understand what needs to be done.

Knowing which type of character you own makes it clear, which job you will be good at and which ones are completely inappropriate for you. Even though your expectation will not meet the reality some times, be sure that your temperament knows better what you want.

Temperament pecularities

The question is how to find out who you are and what suits you the most. Here comes pop culture literature. David Kiersey has recently published a book that turned out to be a bestseller in quite a short period of time – Please Understand Me. What makes it so special is a unique self-testing, designed by Kiersey himself. This is considered to be one of the easiest ways to understand what type of personality you are.

David continued the work of a famous psychologist from Switzerland Carl Jung. His theory stated that there are only four main temperaments among all the people – Rational, Guardian, Idealist, and Artisan with their own unique behavior patterns. Despite having something in common, the core values of these types of personality are completely different.

Rationals are always struggling for acquiring new information. Moreover, taking control over the environment is also a feature that distinguishes them from others. The most popular occupations among rationals are philosophers, economists, lawyers, professors, architects, and scientists.

Guardians are called like this as the main life goal is to protect their well-being and the welfare of their close group. The family means a lot for them, thus, everything that is connected with their beloved ones is on the first place for them. If you are a guardian by temperament, then perhaps you are working in health or security services, teaching in elementary or primary school, and even police sphere.

Idealists always want to be noticed, thus you can find them on ministry and counseling positions, college teaching jobs, and everything that is connected with being recognized. It is important for them to be meaningful and significant to help others and improve their own position in the society.

Artisans are risky people. You will never find them doing a peaceful and tedious job. Among them there are a lot of actors, doctors, sportsmen, and even stuntmen. It is a pleasure for them to be involved in any occupation where they feel emotions and can experience the adrenaline rush.


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