The 2018 Guide to Free PC Games

July 4, 2018

Free PC games, from classic ones to amazing indie treats

We welcome you to the list of the most awesome yet free PC games of 2018. Daily novice freebies are added to such spots as Game Jolt and What we do is managing our best to bring you the most worthwhile games and make it fast, free, and frequently. The given list comprises a mix of quality browser-based games, as well as free downloads, not the free-to-play and microtransaction-driven ones. Enjoy!
We have categorized the collection presented here under several headings. The domain of classics will provide you with great old PC games. In the scope of exploration, you can find some beautiful universes to explore and conquer. In the story section, you will meet smart and imaginative games with the nature of interactive fiction. Sections called horror and comedy speak vividly for themselves. Replayable games involve brilliant roguelikes. Find the one that is just for you in this particular moment!


It has been two decades since the first release of this game. Now Blizzard offers the strategy space opera that is absolutely free of charge. Moreover, you get the Brood War expansion’s set of campaigns, units, tilesets, and upgrade advancement. While being a sweet sample of a free game, this one also provides potential for good return on your zero investment. 

The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall
Here you have a 63,000 square mile map that makes enough space for an enormous RPG set in the Breton homeland of High Rock. This game features numerous elements remaining in the Elder Scrolls series nowadays, such as a reputation system, enchanting, and guilds. Well, we must admit it is not as accessible as Skyrim is, but if you are a true fan – you will definitely get a kick out of exploration an early version of Tamriel.

Welcome to the land of nostalgia! Here we have the Internet Archive’s MS-DOS software library offering thousands of DOS games. Every offered game is playable via different browsers, so there will be no ultimate difficulty. 

Tribes 2
Yes, now this one is for free as well. If you prefer a singleplayer experience, we recommend trying Irrational’s Tribes: Vengeance. In case you are more for the case of frenetic multiplayer, you will want Tribes 2. Go get the one you need!

Beneath a Steel Sky
This game was developed by Revolution, renowned due to the Broken Sword, the dystopian adventure, co-created with Dave Gibbons. The one suggested here is an enjoyable adventure game that has clever puzzles and authentic heroes. 

This game was first released as a PC version more than 20 years ago. It is a turn-based strategy game that was inspired by Civilization considerably. FreeCiv is available in 33 languages and is popular currently due to its potential. 

Exploration Domain: BEST FREE PC GAMES 

Still images fail to do justice to this game. In static it is confusing and rather blocky, but in dynamic it turns out to be a future city, provided with seedy drinking establishments and hovercars. 

These Monsters
Here is an intensely colorful art gallery provided with numerous options and monster experience. Exploration occurs within a structure littered with pictures of beasts and TVs. 

Outer Wilds
This game has not been released as a full version so far, but it manages to keep attracting attention for years. Just check it out: it has already got two IGF awards, the Seumas McNally Grand Prize included. It is a great first-person space exploration game that guides you into a tiny solar system stuck within a time loop. The game leaves you to select what to do with that time available. 

This game resembles visiting a scrapbook developed from a jazz fusion dreams. It has a bizarre yet brilliant space, supplied with all proper manner of oddities. Prepare to meet a former viola player treating his ramen counter now as a string section, as well as a whale hanging in the major space section. Weird and exciting!

Orchids to Dusk
This exploration experience will leave you in the alien landscape. There is an outer world, a character, and the deficit of oxygen. What are you going to do while you still have some oxygen left?

The best free PC games in 2018

Story Dimension: BEST FREE PC GAMES

Butterfly Soup
Well, it is the game I am still exploring myself. The only thing I am sure about right now is that the way this game represents Asian-ness and it authentic identity is relatable in a manner no other element of media has achieved in the current course of time.

A Raven Monologue
It is a textless tale. There is a tiny storybook that dwells on a raven that interacts with villagers while a bittersweet bizarre song loops. This story game is definitely a short and sharp burst of emotions, as for me. I tend to compare it with one of those pre-movie Pixar short pieces in terms of its influence. To be more precise, the only interaction you get here is motion back and forth between different panels, brilliantly illustrated.

This one is a Twine game that marries a deliciously strange series of bizarre bird dreams at an incredible summer camp along with a coming-of-age story. Your part is playing as Bridget. This character has to attend weird classes during the day. Bridget’s task during the night is to navigate bird interrogations. There are lots of dreams and changes, which adds overall attractiveness to this game. 

Emily is Away
Let us party as if it is the early-’00s! Actually, this is what we get in Emily is Away. It is a narrative game located in a chat client. What you get here is Emily, who is a fellow high school student. Her story is revealed by means of snippets of online dialogues about love, life, and, of course, indie rock music. 

The core action in this game is placed on a single in-depth conversation. This is a contemporary retelling of the Greek myth about Galatea, if you remember it. If not – better check it out before you start playing. 


Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden
Let me introduce you to Neo New York, Charles Barkley, and a bit of absurd. Charles is a former NBA player, and he has been accused of the crime – falsely, of course. Now the major character is on the run from Michael Jordan. Here you have a plot of the absurd JRPG. 

Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder Dog
This game presents a trial at the Hague court. The crimes Murder Dog is accused of are the ones against humanity. Apparently, the Murder Dog is guilty, but the court proceedings and overall legal system of the game imply that there still remains a chance. Your character can dispute accounts, address witnesses, and even consume evidence trying to wiggle out of a death sentence. It is a challenging game so why not check it out?

Dog of Dracula 2
This game has the following set: cyberbahn, Dog of Dracula 2, and a neon world of Nuevo Tokyo. The game is quite engaging. It is a story of a friendship gone awry. What should be highlighted above all is a rich variety of references to’90s pop culture, as well as fantastically daft cyberpunk tropes and intriguing lines appearing during the game.

Stick Shift
Robert Yang, a creator of this game, claims that Stick Shift should be regarded as an autoerotic night-driving game featuring the process of pleasuring a gay car. Interested? Actually, it is a part of an anthology comprising Succulent and Hurt Me Plenty, which covers erotic elements, political issues, and much more. As for me, this game is considerably funny, and at the same time, it offers some food for thought. It is a rare combination in free PC games nowadays, isn’t it?

Icarus Proudbottom's World of Typing Weekly
Finally, meet this game where a spirit owl and a robot detective will guide you in a world full of novice experiences. It is a good arcade game with hilarious episodic mysterious patterns. 

As you can see, there is plenty for you to explore in PC games this year. Make your choice and stay tuned for more. 


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