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The Constitution and the Citizenship Nowadays

September 17, 2017

The Constitution Day and the Citizenship Day in the United States are undoubtedly a very important holiday for the whole country and all its citizens. However, not everyone ponders about the meaning and the significance of this holiday today, about what is the Constitution of the United States and what is the path the country has taken in order to create the world's first document of such a magnitude. Every American knows when people celebrate the Constitution Day and the Citizenship Day. Schools and colleges conduct special training sessions that teach children the history and instill the patriotism to the young men of the country. Undoubtedly, such work of the Ministry of Education is very important and has an exceptionally positive impact on the population.

Flag of the USA

Why Constitution Day and Citizenship Days Are So Significant

The migration and the meaning of the Constitution

Nevertheless, not all citizens of the United States can understand the very essence, one of the basic principles of the Constitution. There are a lot of people who oppose the 14th amendment to the Constitution, but, in fact, the addition of this amendment is the most democratic decision in the history of mankind. Many people of conservative views deprecate emigrants and their children who receive American citizenship right after birth. Of course, the migration process has different sides, both positive and negative, but do not forget about the history, how the USA was built.

American history began with people of different nationalities. They came from different countries and each of them contributed to the development of the country. Friendship, understanding and unity have made them one nation. Why now some people want to close themselves in their small world and to be so confined. There are no bad nations. Every person, who loves the United States with all heart and is ready to exert all the efforts for its prosperity, will be able to become a full-fledged citizen of the USA, despite the origin.

It would be unreasonable to abandon active, intelligent people who are ready to change their future. Perhaps many migrants go here for a better life for themselves and for their families, but, therefore, in order to change their lives they will have to work more in a new country and strive for more, and this should bring many benefits not only to these people personally, but also to the whole country.

The historical significance of the holiday

The US Constitution was not written in one day, its creation is an entire epoch in the world history, it is necessary to remember this. The Constitution was created by wise people and thanks to their wisdom this document made our country the most powerful and most democratic country in the world.

Therefore, on the Constitution Day and the Citizenship Day do not forget about the foundation of democracy and about the values that distinguish Americans from the inhabitants of any country in the world. Do not just show your patriotism, think about how important it is to understand what it means to be an American and what kind of person can be called a real American, who is a part of an the great, international, but at the same time very united country, the United States of America.


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