The Day of the Purple Heart

August 7, 2017

The seventh day of August is the day when the Americans commemorate soldiers and veterans of wars. The holiday is called Purple Heart Day. On this day, all Purple Heart Medal recipients are commemorated together with those who greatly contributed to the welfare and security of the nation. The Purple Heart Medal recipients made a great sacrifice for the sake of the United States.

The History of Purple Heart Medals

It was George Washington who first initiated awarding the medal to the soldiers in 1782. At that time, it was called the Badge of Military Merit and was awarded to the soldiers who were wounded or killed in any act of war against the enemies of the country.

In 1927, the Badge was reinstated and then, repeatedly, in 1931. General Summerall intended to pass the bill concerning the above Badge, but it failed. Four years later, when General MacArthur became General Summerall's successor, the interest to the award was renewed. Thus, the following year, the Badge of Military Merit got the name of the Purple Heart, which was the tribute to the fabric used in the production of the original medal. That happened on George Washington's 200th anniversary. General MacArthur became the first recipient of the Purple Heart Medal.

Purple Heart Medal

The statics states that at least two million military people have been awarded the Medal. Besides, the awards have been given to those who fitted the requirements from the beginning of the World War I.

Commemorating Soldiers on the Purple Heart Day 

Purple Heart Day gives a great opportunity to learn about honor and bravery from the people who fought for the sake of the nation. On this day, local communities organize meetings to commemorate the soldiers who fell on the war fields in the fight for liberty. Americans are eager to listen to the stories told by the veterans. They understand that the life, which they are living now, is possible only thanks to the lives lost by brave soldiers.

To support the soldiers and veterans and their family members, there was created an organization, which is called the Purple Heart Foundation. Every citizen of the country can contribute to commemorating those who served the nation by donating money and time. Thanks to common efforts, the veterans and their relatives are granted support and assistance.


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