The Gym Isn’t the Only Way to Keep Fit!

June 13, 2017

Ladies must have already started counting days till summer. Of course, they have as each and every woman desires to have a great look during the hot season of the year. One of the ways to get in shape is obviously visiting the gym or fitness classes. However, it’s not the easiest way as one should be really motivated and determined to pay regular visits to the place the sounding of which “the gym” makes him/her sick.

If you belong to the category of people who would do anything except for working out in the gym, there are some less tormenting and more pleasant ways to lose weight and keep fit.

Explore new places

Nowadays, people got used to be in a constant rush and have no time for very simple but useful for health activity – walking. Take some time and enjoy the views, discover peculiar places such as cafes or shops in your native town while lazing around. You will be surprised to explore how diverse and charming the town you live in is. Or, for example, while travelling…why not to have a sightseeing tour on foot?  Walk, walk, and once more walk. It’s not only exciting but calories-burningJ

Go jogging

Another close to walking but more effective activity is jogging. It’s a form of a slow or leisurely speed running which helps people to keep fit and healthy. In comparison to visiting the gym which involves spending money on the membership card, special uniform, and etc., jogging is a rather cheap way to get lean, which requires a good pair of shoes solely.


Take a hike

One more great way to get in shape is hiking. Although it’s a really challenging pastime, a nice company and the feeling of accomplishment after the hike will make you stay satisfied for much longer time than a workout in the gym. Moreover, hiking on the fresh air is second to none cardio activity.

Ride a bicycle

Haven’t you noticed that there are much more cars than it used to be in, let’s say, past decade? Air pollution and traffic jams have become the world’s urgent issues. We call you for making the cities and towns you are living in more “walkable” and prefer a great alternative to driving – riding your bikes. This activity does not only prevent the deterioration of the environmental situation but provides a person who is keen on riding with a great leg workout. Stay conscious while keeping fit!

Turn your house chores into a workout

Well, we were supposed to talk about PLEASANT ways to get slim….Though, many people enjoy cleaning and wouldn’t mind tackling their chores and burning calories at the same time. To make the tidying process a challenging homey workout, lace your snickers, turn on some music and focus on scrubbing, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, washing, and etc. To make your cleaning-up even more strenuous, do push-ups or sit-ups every 15 minutes.

Apart from the mentioned ways to stay in shape, there are lots of other options to keep fit without visiting the gym. Make it your habit of playing outdoor activities on the fresh air, going in for sports that bring you pleasure, practicing yoga at home, visiting the swimming pool, or doing whatever your soul wishes.

Remember, there is a sound mind in a sound body!


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