The History of Christmas Tree Lights

December 25, 2017

Christmas is a great time when the whole family gathers at home. People have fun, relax, and present gifts to each other. This holiday has many symbols. One of the main attributes of Christmas is a fir tree decorated with lights. Many people do not even think how the idea to decorate a tree with such lights could arose. In fact, this invention has a very interesting history.

Where a Tradition to Decorate a Christmas Tree Begins from

Christmas Tree in Old Times

Christmas tree is a traditional decoration of houses all over the world. Its history dates back to the 16th century, when the first Protestants of Germany began decorating their houses with fir-trees. Martin Luther, the founder of the Protestant Christianity denomination, is considered the first inventor of Christmas tree lights. He wanted to recreate the beauty of the twinkling stars, so he decorated his tree with candles. After that, thousands of people across Europe began to ornament their Christmas trees in the same way. Over time, the candles were replaced with electric lights.


The First Electric Lights

The first electric lights appeared three years after the invention of an electric lamp. For the first time, they were applied by Thomas Edison's friend and partner, Hibberd Johnson, in 1882. Later, Johnson and Edison opened their joint firm Edison Electric Lamp Company, which was engaged in manufacturing various types of lamps, including Christmas lights. Today this company is called General Electric Company and it is known all over the world.
Johnson's invention consisted of 80 red, blue and white light bulbs. The novelty became quite popular in the end of the 19th century. However, most Americans still adorned their Christmas trees with candles, because at that time not all the population of the USA had electricity in the houses. Only in 1925, almost half of American families had electricity. Many rich people bought Johnson's lights, despite their huge cost of $ 300.
Then the lights were improved and the price of them fell significantly. A few years later, the string of lights could be bought for 12 dollars. However, even this amount was too big for many Americans. Therefore, many companies began to engage in the rent of such lights, paying only $ 1.50 people had the opportunity to decorate their houses.
The tradition of ornamenting Christmas trees with candles, which was founded by Protestants, provoked many fires in the end of the 19th century. Thanks to the invention of electric lamps, this method of decoration became much safer. Although it must always be remembered that electric lights can also cause a dangerous situation if they are treated incorrectly. In our time, people continue to use the Christmas lights as an ornament. They have significantly evolved and a huge variety of lights soon appeared. The price for them is now very affordable and even the poorest families can easily buy them. With just a few dollars, each person is be able to decorate his or her home and create a unique festive atmosphere.


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