Agenda is a must for every piece of writing, no matter what kind of paper it is. It can be a thematic essay devoted to teaching an important lesson, or to demonstrate how a certain emotion can influence a person, or to tell about a strong reaction to some event. What should the readers do? They need to read between the lines and discover the key idea. If they succeed, it is the accomplishment of the writer.

Look at a guide from experts that will help you become a pro in thematic writing!

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Thematic Essays: What Are They?

The main task of a writer is to present the key subject and show the general value of the chosen theme with elaborated devices used. It can be rather challenging, as it is essential to present not all possible subjects but only the most meaningful ones.

It is natural that interpretations of the same subjects are different among different readers, and the author cannot expect everybody to agree on the chosen key aspect and approach. However, it can be said that thematic essays are outstanding if there is a key central idea with proofs and logical arguments that justify it.

Topic for Your Essay: How to Pick It Properly?

You should focus on selection of an adequate theme before you learn how to structure the essay and make it impressive. Look at the hints from our experts to understand how to pick a topic that will be the best for you.

First of all, try to think about all the classes you have had recently to bring to mind what you have discussed. Besides, refer to the latest heated discussions with your parents or peers. It was interesting for you to be involved in that discussion, so it will be interesting for you to write about the arguments related to that theme as well.

Take a notebook and write down the best ideas that you can think about. Note even the ideas that seem to be stupid from the first sight. Make a list of the favorite books and choose those that impressed you the most. What are the problems revealed in them? Do not forget to make notes! Select the examples and clues that might be helpful. Add some keywords and scenes you may use in your thematic essay.

Have you got your brilliant idea? Not yet? No problem! Let us go on!

Topics for Your Thematic Essays

Topics on the History of the USA

  • Analyze the brotherhoods from the period of Civil War.
  • Analyze the correlation between progress and tradition in the framework of the Civil War.
  • Progress cannot take place without pain: The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.
  • Relation of the past to the present: Great Depression and Roaring Twenties.
  • Brown vs. the Board of Education: theme of inferiority.

Topics on Human Right Protection

  • Analyze the key factors of motivation related to the improvements in conditions for children.
  • The Holocaust: what are the lessons one has to learn?
  • Can slavery be forgiven and forgotten?
  • Separation and segregation: destructive effects for the society.
  • LGBT rights in the USA now and then.

Topics on Global History

  • Analyze possible alternative options to the version of a massive meteor that killed dinosaurs.
  • Study the background of the elder generation: has it always been respected?
  • Royalty cost: why do people tend to keep the royal class?
  • Christianity and present-day life of civilized nations: are they related?
  • Slavery legacy in the world.

Topics on Nationalism

  • Neo-Nazi movements: nationalism in its disastrous form.
  • Xenophobia and its impact on the society.
  • Nationalism of Hitler: lessons to remember.
  • Use of nuclear weapon and its relation to nationalism.
  • Patriotism and nationalism: how are they related?

Central Theme: How to Explore It?

A great thematic essay example always uncovers the key theme and subject in a perfect manner. Still, it is complicated to choose them out of hundreds and thousands options. Follow the steps we suggest to make it easier:

  1. Literature summary: study the main idea of the piece of literature, following the proper direction of analysis.
  2. Choice of the subject with the prevalence: differentiate between a theme and a subject. Focus on the point that will be the core of your paper.
  3. Between the lines: read and interpret what you have read. The best thematic essay topics will inspire you to have a lot of ideas.
  4. General value and significance: apply the value to a personal life of an average person and draw lessons valuable for everybody.

Outline for Thematic Essays

There are several components that make thematic essays: the structure of five paragraphs at least and a well-written thesis statement. How to write a thematic essay? Start with an introduction to introduce the thesis and the subject to the readers. Then proceed to the body paragraphs with discussions, and then summarize the key arguments.


Your introduction should captivate the readers with your chosen key discussion subject. It is good to do that with a hook and intrigue from the very beginning. If the readers are interested from the first lines, they will read your paper to the very end. Valid background details are also of great importance as your audience needs to get understanding of what you want to suggest or tell them. Your thesis statement will be the most essential part of this section.

Body Paragraphs

What is a thematic essay? It is a paper presented in a specific format of thematic essay writing with presentation of literary devices and excellent topic sentences that lead the readers to valuable evidence. All claims should be validated and the reasoning of the presented statements needs examples for strengthening the produced impact. Provide all the needed explanations on the relation of the links to the thesis statement. A literary device should be in every suggested claim.


You aim at three main points in your conclusion. Wrapping up the paper, you should not include anything new; instead, you summarize what you have already told about. It is right to restate the thesis and then present three key claims focusing on their impact on the statement of thesis. The readers also expect a general subject analysis and a call to action.

Examples of Thematic Essays

It is recommendable to learn from good examples to be successful in thematic writing.
You are free to download thematic essay samples.

September 17, 2019
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