Things You Will Probably Forget to Pack for College

August 4, 2017


Here is a list of things that you have not even thought are important to take to college with you. You may not even realize that you will need them. I hope this article will help you get all the key items beforehand.

Card/Board Games

This is a great way to socialize. Invite your mates to your room or start a game in a lounge – nobody can say no to a game like Monopoly. Both board games and card games are perfect ways to spend some good time with friends and make some new ones.


This can seem a bit common sense but you definitely should take your sunglasses with you to the college. Moreover, make sure you keep those sunglasses safe. They can literally save you not just on summer days but also after some good party nights.

Colored Pencils or Markers

Maybe, you will want to make some lovely birthday cards for your friends or family members, or maybe you will have to make a project or poster board which requires finesse. Or maybe you will just want to color in one of those amazing coloring books. Anyway, you will not regret if you take some markers or pencils with you. Even if you do not plan to be crafty while studying, just spend a few dollars on those markers and you will be surprised with how useful they can be.

Do Not Worry Anymore

A Stapler

This may sound weird, but you should always keep it in your bag. Can I just tell you how many times a mini stapler which I carried with me all the time saved me? Often, students forget to staple their papers and then professors just take off their points, and some even do not accept unstapled papers. In addition, you will become a hero if you have a stapler and everyone around you is freaking out about how to attach their papers in a couple of minutes before the deadline.

Some Off-Season Clothes

It might be too hot or cold when you move into your dorm. And even if you were going to pack just shorts and sandals, you should also pack at least a pair of shoes. Yes, I know you have limited space, but several items will not make a big difference. Take a couple of jeans and a couple of sweaters. The weather is often unpredictable, so you will be very glad to be prepared when the temperature suddenly changes and you have appropriate clothing.

More Underwear

You will not do the laundry as often as you think you will. Keep that in mind. Pack more underwear than you think you will need. This way you will have an opportunity to skip laundry for a little bit longer.


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