Tips on Writing a Good Essay

September 29, 2017

Whatever difficult a task of writing an essay may seem, you still cannot avoid it if you have set your mind on obtaining a degree. Starting from an admission essay which you have to write to actually enter a college, your further life will be closely connected to writing essays, so it’s better to learn how to do it once and for all. To make the task seem less overwhelming, break it into smaller steps. Kathy Livingston, the author of Guide to Writing a Basic Essay, says there are only seven steps which will help you prepare an excellent essay:

​Choose a topic

Writing an essay, you will either be given a specific topic or will have to choose one yourself. In case of the second option, think about the type of the essay you are supposed to deliver. Is it a descriptive essay or argumentative one, reflection or research? The focus must be as narrow as possible. Having decided on the purpose of the essay, try to find an intriguing topic. You will have to invest much time into preparing the task, so it’s always better to study something you are keen on.

Draw an outline of your ideas

Organizing your thoughts is crucial in writing an essay. Otherwise, you can easily lose the focus and fail to tell the reader what you were meaning to. Take a piece of paper and put down every idea that comes to your mind. Brainstorming will help you choose the most interesting ideas and eliminate the thoughts which are not convincing. Normally, you will be given a word limit, so every phrase in the essay should be meaningful. Now that all your thoughts are on paper, organize them. Be sure to write the topic at the top of the page. This will help you not to digress and present the ideas logically.

Writing an essay

Create a clear thesis statement

Having chosen the topic and categorized the ideas, think about your thesis statement. What is your main claim? What statement are you trying to make with this essay? The thesis statement has to do two things: tell the topic of your essay and present your basic claim. For example, “Barack Obama made a contribution to the development of the medical sphere with the implementation of Affordable Care Act.” The thesis statement should be in the introduction and be concise and clear.

Write the body paragraphs

In the body of the paper, be sure to develop and support your topic. In other words, the body paragraphs should explain your thesis statement. Make sure every new part starts with a topic sentence which, again, supports your thesis statement. Remember to include enough evidence to prove the validity of your ideas.

Write the introduction

You can do it before writing the body but the author recommends doing it vice versa. The introductory paragraph should start with a good attention grabber. Make it interesting but specific. Remember to include the thesis statement.

Write the conclusion

These should be some three to five strong claims which summarize your key claims. Refer to the ideas presented in the thesis statement.

Proofread and edit

This step is also vital because no matter how well you present your ideas, poor grammar, typos, and repetitions will make you seem a careless student. It’s a good idea to use an online spell checker or ask your friend to read the essay for you.


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