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Top Five Reasons To Join A Fraternity Or Sorority

January 27, 2017

New college students have many cool opportunities when they enter the college: from joining a drama club to participating in volunteer work.

However, he or she who joins the Greek system will probably have the most fun. And not only because of the wild parties, which most of us imagine after watching Animal House.

The reasons for pledging are much more complicated and interesting.

Participating can provide you with a lifetime opportunities that can even help you in your professional development later on.

People often advance their careers through networking rather than responding to Internet ads.

For example, Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest fraternity in the USA. It was formed in 1776 and now has almost three hundred chapters all over the country.

Just imagine how the fact that you participated in such a distinguished society will look on your resume.

Usually, if you want to join in, you will be recruited during the Rush Week, though in some cases potential members are invited throughout the year.

Afterwards, you will probably spend some time as a probationary member, take the pledge and only then will get complete initiation.

In accordance with the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the vast majority of the US Presidents were the members of the fraternity. Even if becoming a US president is not a part of your long-term goals, we assure you that becoming a member of the fraternity has a lot of attractive benefits. In our short article, we will make an attempt to analyze the key reasons to join a fraternity or sorority from the academic, social, and professional perspectives.

If you are not fully convinced yet, here are several reasons to join Greek life:


There are many pros of Greek life. Join in and see that it is well worth the effort and responsibilities.

Do Not Worry Anymore

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