Social organizations that operate on the basis of colleges and universities and unite male and female groups of students are often called Greek-letter societies. Yes, these are the fraternities and sororities most first-year students are willing to join.

Of course, one can simply work as a volunteer in their free time. Still, it is incomparable to the vast range of opportunities that the one who joins the Greek system gets.

Wild parties and celebrations are not even the best part. Among various reasons to join a fraternity or sorority the most significant one is career opportunities that are open to the members of such organizations.

Do you know what the oldest fraternity in the US is? This is Phi Beta Kappa. This academic society was formed in 1776, and today it boasts almost three hundred chapters all over the country.

Just imagine how the fact that you participated in such a distinguished society will look on your resume.

Usually, if you want to join in, you will be recruited during the Rush Week, though in some cases potential members are invited throughout the year.

Afterwards, you will probably spend some time as a probationary member, take the pledge and only then will get complete initiation.

In accordance with the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the vast majority of the US Presidents were the members of the fraternity. Even if becoming a US president is not a part of your long-term goals, we assure you that becoming a member of the fraternity has a lot of attractive benefits. In our short article, we will make an attempt to analyze the key reasons to join a fraternity or sorority from the academic, social, and professional perspectives.

If you are not fully convinced yet, here are several reasons to join Greek life:

Why You Should Join a Fraternity or Sorority

  • Friends and lifelong companions

    The whole point of Greek life is to create connections that can last all your life.
    Students who are interested in similar things and have the same goals in life can create strong and lasting relationships that will help them later on. It is interesting that diversity is one of the important factors of the Greek experience as people of all kinds of backgrounds are welcome.

  • Social opportunities

    Sororities and fraternities are well known for having the best parties. However, there is much more to it than that.
    Members are responsible for planning and participating in all kinds of different activities from charity events like fundraising to dance contests.
    Supporting their fellow students and the community is very important for such societies as well as just having fun. Greek life members are never idle.

  • Academic success

    Many people forget that this is the first reason why Greek organizations were created.
    All members can get access to student tutors, while seniors are always ready to provide helpful advice. If this sounds doubtful, just remember that statistically, the members of fraternal organizations are much more likely to successfully graduate from university than those who were not members of such academic societies.

  • Leadership opportunities

    If you are interested in leadership opportunities, chapters have a complicated governance system that many people enjoy participating in.
    Many involved members later become politicians.
    For instance, 18 presidents of the United States of America were proud fraternity members.

  • Housing

    The cost of living in chapter houses can be lower compared to other places the university offers.
    Chapter houses are also much more comfortable than dorms or on-campus apartments.

  • Academic Support

    Academic support is one of the most influential reasons to join a fraternity. Undoubtedly, many students are dreaming of improving their academic performance and the official membership in a fraternity or sorority gives them such a chance. While the media often shows the life of the fraternity as endless alcohol parties, it is quite far from being true. The truth is that many fraternities provide their members with internal tutoring and even hold group study sessions for them. The official website of the University of Missouri-Kansas City states that 71% of the fraternity and sorority members graduate successfully compared to the students, who have never been a member of any community. Undoubtedly, the academic support of fraternities plays a significant role in such an impressive performance.

  • Numerous Career Opportunities

    As for other reasons to join a fraternity or sorority, without any doubts, membership in a fraternity or sorority opens numerous doors for the student. As such, many hiring managers were also members of fraternities and sororities, so this point of your cover letter will help you get a few additional points. Moreover, many reputed companies cooperate with fraternities and look for people with good motivation and potential. As such, by being active, you can get the job of your dream. What is more, most fraternities and sororities often have their pages on social networking sites, which are also linked to multiple professional alumni.

  • Social Networking

    Still not sure if you should join a fraternity? What if we tell you that it is the organization with a clear ethical code, in which every member feels support from others. For an average student, a fraternity is a perfect environment, where he or she can just relax and forget about academic problems. Besides, there are many people with similar interests and plans for life. By joining a fraternity or sorority, you will be able to make new friends and avoid social isolation. The bonds between the brothers and sisters do not end after graduation and they support and understand each other in adult life. All in all, some people just need to be engaged in various activities to reveal their best qualities.

  • The Development of Leadership Qualities

    Do you believe that the development of leadership qualities can become one of the best reasons to join a fraternity or sorority? We do. The Greek life members are often in a leadership position in any environment since they are active, possess good persuasive skills, passionate about what they do, and can make important decisions when the situation demands.

There are many pros of Greek life. Join in and see that it is well worth the effort and responsibilities.

Do Not Worry Anymore

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January 27, 2017
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