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Top Studying Hacks

November 10, 2017

Today there are lots of different hacks and tricks to increase your concentration, reduce distraction, and overall improve your marks at college.

Popular hacks

  • Chew a gum

Scientists think that the act of chewing wakes us up and keeps us focused, unfortunately, not for so long. Keep this one for the hardest part of your studying.

  • Keep your attention aimed

We know that keeping yourself focused on something single while having a lot of distraction factors is tremendously hard. Download apps like SelfControl or Cold Turkey to increase your concentration.

  • Use studying apps

There are tons of studying applications on the web. Choose one or two that cover your needs. If it doesn’t work for you, try another one.

  • Consume food

We know that some students need to be reminded to eat. Eating healthy and nutritious food in time fills up your brain with necessary energy.

  • Search via web

Searching online may bring you to a wealth of results. By, for instance, entering “site:edu [your subject] exam” in Google, you can find exams of different colleges to practice your own subject.

YouTube channels like CrashCourse, Khan Academy, Brightstorm, etc. are offering free tutorials, so you can easily understand any topic you need.

Top studying hacks

  • Color your notes

 The idea of mind mapping, which is basically a thought diagram, is said to be much more effective than learning from usual text-based materials.

  • Rewrite your notes

It is scientifically proven that good old school method of rewriting material by hand is way more effective than learning something using laptop, tablet, or computer.

  • Listen to music

Appropriate music increases productivity. Scientists recommend so-called “music for the mind” to achieve the best results in studying. Experiment with different genres and find what suits you. 

  • Make a crib sheet you’ll never use

Finding key facts and writing them down is going to help you to understand and memorize required material. Don’t cheat though.

  • Sleep

A basic human need, still, has to be stated as most students simply ignore it. Sleep affects your cognitive function and helps to think logically, thus, it’s appropriate before an important exam or quiz.

  • Study early

Don’t be that guy who always sacrifices sleep or eats just because of burning the midnight oil. Study early and plan your studying routine in advance. 

  • Change surrounding

Making changes within your place of study works like a gym for your brain. Let your brain be ready to adapt to new surroundings and don’t panic when it’s not a place you get used to studying in.

  • Teach

Teaching others is the best way to figure out your weak sides, plus, it is an impressively effective way of learning. Try to teach your friend or classmate who needs some extra help.

  • Turn on the lights

Light can be both helpful and destructive. Lights in the room should be naturally soft to reach the best productivity, though, it should be bright enough for you see clearly. Too much light may make you more prone to distractions.


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