Traditional Easter Sunday Celebration

April 15, 2017

Easter is one of the greatest religious holidays – the Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Actually, the traditions of Easter celebrations vary from country to country. Sometimes, there are even different traditions within one state. However, what we want to discuss in this article is the similarities of the Easter-Day celebrations, which are followed in many countries all over the world.

Lent and religious festivities of Easter

Easter is always celebrated on Sunday; however, the date is different each year. Easter Sunday marks the end of the 40-day Lent – a period when people pray, forgive, restrict themselves in certain kinds of food and activities, and fast. At the same time, Easter marks the beginning of the Eastertide – the period, which is 50 days long and which ends on Pentecost Sunday.

Easter is one of the most significant religious holiday for all the Christians

Truly, Easter Day is the greatest day in a year for all Christians as they celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the dead. This event is the cornerstone of Christians’ faith.

Easter traditions have some pagan roots

In the pre-Christian times, the modern-day Easter was a celebration of spring. The pagans used certain symbols to denote fertility, new life, etc. Therefore, an egg and a rabbit were chosen as such symbols, and actually, they have stayed in the Easter celebrations until now.

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Church service as an inseparable part of Easter celebration

Depending on the church, Easter church services are different. However, the most important thing they have in common is that people worship God, they glory Him, and are happy that Jesus Christ has resurrected.

Popular Easter traditions

One of the most popular Easter traditions that prevail in all countries is Easter eggs decorations (coloring or decorating with some stickers). Although this tradition dates back to the pagan times, it has remained very popular in Christianity. Children like another Easter tradition – getting presents from the Easter Bunny. Small kids make handmade nests or baskets, put them in yards or gardens, and are waiting for the Easter Bunny to come and bring them some chocolate eggs. The other famous tradition is the Easter Parade (originated in New York in the 1800s). There is also a tradition of dressing into one’s best and newest clothes on this special day (referred to as “Easter best”).

Easter dinner

One of the inseparable components is a traditional Easter dinner – when the family comes home from the church and sit down at the table to share some Eastern specialties (roasted lamb, baked ham, etc. and the other dishes).

You have probably recognized some of these traditions inherent in your culture. As you see, Easter is a special day across the globe. Wish you a nice celebration!


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