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August 1, 2017

I was a sophomore in college this year starting at the entirely new place. So I have decided to do a post on this process for everyone who is considering an idea of transferring too and is confused about this process. Here are several tips which can help you make your accommodation easier.

Do not Be Afraid to Ask for Help

The transfer counselor at my new college was actually one of the most important helps ever. I asked him so many questions and he answered them all making the process much easier for me. When I went to campus for the in-person audition, I had a chance to talk to my auditor a lot. He was also very friendly and eager to answer all of my questions about the college and the study program. It is great to have someone you can ask for help in the new place.

Start Early

You should start collecting the information and acting once you think you might want to transfer. If you finally make a decision not to do this, you can always pull your application or decline the offer, but you will not have an opportunity to go back and apply when the deadline is over. By starting early, you will save your nerves and be calmer knowing you have several options.

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Think Well of What You Want

My major fear was that I would have transferred and not like it. To avoid a mistake, you should know what you do not like about the current college and know what you want from the new one. Any reason is OK, just ensure you really understand why somewhere else is definitely better. Apply to the new college because of their great program or because of their beautiful architecture or just because you know that people are very nice there.

Remember that Grades are Important

Though the first year in college is known to be experimental and you constantly hear about every student failing at least one exam during the first semester, you do not have to do that. You do not have to hang out every night and miss classes. Instead, you should make every effort to succeed in your classes. Just keep in mind that your next year is going to be much more worth it.

Remember that this Is not High School

There is no need to apply to plenty of colleges like you did when you went to high school. You can easily apply to the only one which you like best and concentrate just on that application. If you have not decided on the college yet, maybe apply to a few more ones. Just try doing things differently than you did the first time, change your approach, and act.

Stay Patient

Sure, it is quite nerve-wracking and may feel like your last chance, but if this is really what you need, you will get in that college for sure. You just need to put maximum effort into the process and you will succeed eventually.


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