Even if you feel that writing is not an unbearable task for you, it may sometimes be challenging to pick up the topic that will help you demonstrate all your strengths. It is stressful to spend hours on making the right choice as in the end you are never sure that you could not have made a better one. Moreover, you need to make use only ofunique college essay topics; otherwise, all your efforts will be taken in vain and your application or academic assignment will be a complete failure.

It is natural that there is no universal topic that will satisfy the needs and demands of all students. Nevertheless, there are specific standards of writing and guidelines one may use to follow the requirements. We recommend you to read through this post and learn about the main features of a top notch topic for a college essay that will inspire you and help you impress the professors. Besides, we will share several unique topics for essays with you so that you could make use of them or amend them to your liking.

How Can I Be Sure that a Topic for My College Essay Is Good?

What is the main objective of writing a college essay? First of all, it helps you to help an admission officer to get acquainted with you personally, hearing your unique voice in your writing, and get a complete image of you as a personality, using the quantitative facts from your papers as well. Try to reveal all your best qualities in your essay, as it is your chance to be successful!

What does an excellent essay topic do? It answers the following four questions

  • “Who am I?”
  • “Why am I applying?”
  • “What makes me special?”
  • “What is meaningful for me?”

So, the officer is supposed to read through the essay and get to know who you are, what your life story is, and what your direction is.

A topic should be personal. You should realize that choosing a good essay topic, you make yourself vulnerable but you help the officers see you. You should not reveal the secrets you would like to keep, but at the same time, your essay should be full of emotions with your perspective on life clear and evident. Your readers should not only learn something, but also feel and take your success, achievements, defeats, fear, and hopes to their hearts.

A topic should be unique and original. Even if the things to present are rather common, you should approach them from an original perspective. You do realize that the job of an experienced admission officer is to look through similar papers day after day. Most topics are presented in almost the same manner and that does not excite any interest of the officers. It is typical to include the following clichés in the essays: a family tragedy, an injury during a football match, overcoming challenging in Math or any other difficult subject to learn, a person you admire, and so on. Mind that it is not easy to sound original, choosing a topic that is trite and hackneyed. So, you may take a chance or just change it for a topic that will empower you much better.

You would like to write a text that will sound exclusive, so your topic should go beyond a range of common stereotypical topics for the college students. Develop any topic you have chosen in the manner that is specific for you. If you actually got hurt in a football match, try to change a conventional storyline. You can write that you were extremely unhappy as you could not join your team in a semi-final, but you can also focus on the new horizons open for you after you got spare time at home. For instance, you could learn how to code or took up some hobby.

Do not forget that some topics are taboo for the essays! There is a set of written and unwritten rules that you should take into consideration, while working on the essays. Have a look at three practices that are common for choosing the topics and get to know how to make them appropriate for you.

1. Essays about dying pets, outstanding relatives, and sports.

You are looking forunique college essay topics but some of the directions you are going to take are somehow off-limits. We suggest you using a trick that will enable you to use the topic you should not take and add personal details to it. Try to find an unexpected approach to the topic that has been used hundreds or even thousands of times. You can write about your sadness as your beloved dog got poisoned, but you can also relate this unfortunate event with the turn of a new page in your life and your new passion. You can tell how your efforts helped the team win the championship, but you can also tell about the routine watching of the videos to learn from the mistakes of others and see your own weaknesses. You can tell about your aunt who cured a lot of patients, but it will be more interesting to get to know about one of your childhood rituals with your grandparents. Reflect over your personal qualities and tell the stories that can engage the readers.

2. Telling about the community projects.

It seems to almost every student that the initiatives in community projects should be the core of the essay. They write about them as they believe that the admission officers would not accept any essays without those details. There is a great column written by Frank Bruni from New York Times about how the students describe how they help those who are in need although they have never done that. It can be that you have really taken part in numerous community-service projects and you have found these activities meaningful for people from your community. In that case, your essay about this volunteering activity should sound sincere to cause no doubts in the readers. You want to make a contribution into the positive development ad encourage others to join you. Then, tell about that in your essay and represent your experience as memorable. Do not forget to add as many details as possible to add to the originality of your story. Do not sound like thousands of other students with your generalized content; instead, tell about a family that got into a shelter for the homeless because of the unfortunate circumstances and how you managed to assist them. It is always nice to add anecdotes and personal stories to explain what your mission was in the volunteer work. Exclude all vague ideas and generalized, but sound sincere for an admission officer who is looking for the information about your inner self, attitude to new experience, motivation, and interaction with other people.

3. Presenting your views on politics.

There has been a typical view that it is not appropriate to express the opinions about politics in college essays. Nevertheless, there has been a considerable shift in this approach to writing, and although we used to be strict about steering away from any mentioning of the political events or opinions, now we feel much freer about that. We used to emphasize that a specific student’s opinion about a particular political decision or policy is a risk that not always pays off. Nevertheless, now it is normal to express one’s views about the controversies of politics at the local or international levels. At the same time, do not write as a political reviewer of the present-day events in the United States or any other country. Instead, tell; about the effect of some policy on your life or the life of your family. If someone from your family has been deported and you know about this experience first-hand, it is important to mention this. If you are worried about the policies in the field of health care because of the coverage on your sick brother, your story will sound natural and appropriate. Moreover, it will add extra weight to your reflections over your academic plans for the future. Besides, take into account the audience for your essay. It is possible to know whether the admission committees at colleges are conservative or liberal in terms of political views, and that knowledge will help you eliminate the risks. Do not focus on the ideologies; instead, tell about the connection between the personal and political events that will impress your readers.

Ideas for Your Essay

We have given you some hints about choosing the ideas for college essays, but we can also offer you some suggestions on how you can make the writing process simpler. Have a look at the list of topics we have prepared and either use them or adapt them to make your essay personal and interesting.

  1. Justify the statement: It is possible to acquire knowledge only by being active.
  2. It would be reasonable to make all the person of appropriate age to undergo a test that can confirm their mental capacities before they can take part in voting. Agree or disagree?
  3. Is the payment given to professional actors and athletes excessive?
  4. The borders should be open for an open society. Agree or disagree?
  5. Dependency on computer technologies. Express your opinion.
  6. Is there any benefit in computer games or are they merely a waste of time?
  7. Which of the opponents have more chances to win the future: computers or books?
  8. There is no chance that something that has already happened will not take place again. Why is it so?
  9. Your thoughts are the start for what you will do. Mind your thoughts!
  10. Impact of fashion on culture.
  11. Give your reasons to justify the death penalty.
  12. Are all scientific studies trustworthy? The findings of different studies can be absolutely different. Does it mean that an average person should not trust scientists?
  13. Game of Thrones: how are real situations and struggles presented?
  14. Who would you bring for a conversation, if you could take only one person, either alive or dead? Where would you take him or her? What would you discuss?
  15. What is the role of fashion?
  16. Can testing various beauty products depend on the use of animals?
  17. Elaborate on the idea: love always brings problems and anxiety.
  18. Is it right that the children are given chores at home? Support your argument with examples.
  19. Is travelling by plane the most comfortable one?
  20. Should military service be obligatory?
  21. Explain: A man is created by nature but formed by the society.
  22. Men hold the majority of high-level positions. What should be the actions taken by the government to encourage more women to take them as well?
  23. Elaborate on the idea: nature is a workshop with a man working there.
  24. It should be forbidden to charge the tourists more for the services and goods that the local people get much cheaper. Agree or disagree.
  25. Not the needs but desires form the basis for the everyday spending.
  26. The society is an integral part of happiness for an individual.
  27. Moral standards should form the foundation for all political fortresses.
  28. Space research: pros and cons.
  29. Is it reasonable to spend national money on space exploration?
  30. The quality of life is negatively impacted by science experiments.
  31. Are the measures taken to protect nature and preserve endangered species sufficient?
  32. Would it be reasonable to allow the students to assess their teachers?
  33. Should the teachers allow the high school students to use cell phones?
  34. What is better for studies: a textbooks or a notebook computer?
  35. Would it be right to introduce dress code standards for the school teachers?
  36. Is the voting age adequate? Would it be reasonable to lower it?
  37. Should the schools provide separate education for boys and girls?
  38. Would sharing of the resources from richer states with the poorer ones the right strategy?
  39. Is television a part of culture?
  40. Should there be an extra tax on production of junk food?

College Essay Assistance from Expert Writers

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