Useful Tips to Help You Beat the Freshman 15

August 12, 2016

The first year at college can be quite stressful: new life, new friends, new activities all of which happen within extremely tight time- frames. You are torn between attending lectures, hanging out with friends, getting enough sleep, studying, and above all that you realize you need physical activities to keep your body fit. There are several useful tips to help you find time and place to exercise as a college student. 

Find Time in Your Daily Routine


  1. When heading for the lectures, try to walk as much as possible: park a bit further than you would normally do, take the longer way if you go on foot, or get off the bus two stops before you need and walk, take the stairs, not an elevator.
  2.  Pause while studying: it is good for your brain. Go out of your room, stroll around campus or take a walk in the park. 
  3. Use the time between classes to exercise. Usually, between lectures students have at least one free hour that they use to hang out with friends or have some coffee. Why not use this hour to jump into a gym and exercise? 
  4. Audio files or e-books on your IPod or IPad enable you to do the home assignments that don’t require a lot of concentration while running on the treadmill, doing squats, sit ups, etc. 

Useful Tips to Help You Beat the Freshman 15

Use Campus Facilities for Your Workouts 


Apart from gym, there are many places in college to work out. Try to consider the following.

  1. Join one of the college clubs. Students like to spend time with people who have same interests, like hiking, dancing, yoga, Pilates, etc.  Find one or two that suit you best and help your body to stay fit. 
  2. Many colleges have tennis courts, golf or squash fields and offer courses to teach you the rules. Grab the opportunity to exercise! Most probably, there is also a swimming pool, which is a great advantage for those who like swimming.
  3. Discover tracks around the campus. Take a bike, walk or hike with friends during the weekend or after classes. 

Workout in Your Dorm Room  

It is a great way to exercise, although many people don’t even consider this opportunity. You can do some squats or yoga poses while watching your favorite TV series, shows or sport games. 
Equipment you may need: yoga mat, resistance band, chair, bed, hand weights. 
What you can do is strengthen the muscles of your body (arms, legs, butt) and work on your stamina and endurance, which definitely will improve your general health, both physical and mental.
Thus, leading an active life and following good food habits will help you avoid becoming the known Freshman 15 and always stay fit and healthy.


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