Ways to Lift Your Mood

November 14, 2017

With the blistering pace of modern life it is easy to get stressed. Tight deadlines, unpredictable weather, and heavy workload get the stress level soaring. To overcome the modern-day challenges, we have to learn how to cheer up fast. These easy tips will help you become happier at the drop of a hat.

Smart shopping

They say money can’t buy happiness. Actually, it can but only if you learn the right way of shopping. Recent studies prove that the best investment is emotions. You won’t regret a single dime spent on happy moments. In a survey with almost 350 participants, Empire State College discovered that people become happier if they buy tasty food or go to concerts rather than spend on material goods.

Kind deeds

Regardless of how successful you are as a worker, parent, or spouse, you will get your immediate dose of happiness while volunteering. Doing kind deeds teaches us empathy and gives the sense of belonging. It also makes us appreciate the simple things and enjoy what we have. You could either find a way to help your community (serving food to homeless people, volunteering at a local animal shelter) or go abroad to help people from developing countries. Charity is another option for those who cannot invest time – buying a water cleaner for children in Africa or investing into mosquito nets to control malaria will also bring a sense of achievement.

Ways to lift your mood

Look through old photographs

Looking through your old photo album is a sure way to cheer up. In fact, this technique works faster than eating your favorite chocolate! At least this is what the researchers from UK Open University have discovered. Comparing people who eat chocolate, listen to favorite music, drink alcohol, and flip through their photos they noticed that the latter are the happiest.

Bring more light into your life

People with severe depression report improved mood after only two or three weeks of bright-light treatment. If you are looking for a natural antidepressant, try exposing yourself to light more often. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg in case and won’t bring about any side effects. For nothing and advantageous!

Focus on the good stuff

Even the darkest days bring us some joy. No matter how minor happy moments may seem, put them down into your diary before going to bed. Try to recall all the details and think about the role you played in making the happy moment happen. After some time of such a bed-time therapy, you’ll be surprised to find out how much control you have over happiness in your life.

Easy, don’t you think? Find the method which works best for you and dedicate a couple minutes a day to cheer up. Let being happy and in a good mood be your best habit!


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