What is LinkedIn

February 15, 2018

LinkedIn is a social network for business insiders and professionals. The site helps to expand the network of business contacts, learn about the news of colleagues or the industry as a whole, as well as gather in one place information about your career path and professional achievements.
In other words, a profile in LinkedIn can easily become your portfolio and complete your resume. It can help find dream jobs for many people around the world. In addition, a lot of companies are asking potential candidates to add a link to their profile in this network, or they can find pages of job seekers using LinkedIn profile search.

How Important is LinkedIn

The importance of LinkedIn should not be underestimated: at the moment, there are more than 400 million users from more than 200 countries in this social network. The site is available in 24 languages. With the proper use of this network, you can not only make useful contacts but also try LinkedIn job search method.

How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search

  • Choose a Proper Photo

A properly completed account is the best way to use this site for job hunting. Upload a photo. Statistics show that profiles with photos are viewed more often. It should be your real picture of a good quality. In the general tape, the avatar will decrease, so you need to choose an image that will be clear and distinct, even in miniature.

What is LinkedIn

  • Complete Your Profile

The page on LinkedIn has a very clear structure, so the social network tells you what information is missing and what fields need to be filled. First, enter your name. Important: it should contain only the name, without punctuation marks, phone numbers, or specialties. It is forbidden. Your position or specialization can be specified in the headliner – this is the second line after the name. By the way, here you can also indicate that you are in search and are open to new offers. The line will be visible before opening the full profile, in the search or in the recommendations of the service.

Then fill the other fields in your profile – as much as possible. In addition to contact information, information about education, work experience, publications, achievements, volunteer projects, completed courses, received certificates, projects, test results, interests (if any, of course) will be required to fill in.

  • Colleagues and Friends

LinkedIn allows you to use import function from address books, manually searching people with customizable filters. You can search people using advanced search LinkedIn and keywords.

How to Connect With Recruiters on LinkedIn

  • Find Different Companies

Many companies, especially international ones, have a corporate page on LinkedIn, where they publish important news and vacancies. By subscribing to the pages, you can track key industry players. Company news will appear in your stream, and it can be not only updates that are placed by the company, but also references to it on third-party resources. Also very often, the search for specialists is made in the form of an ordinary post in order to share it and get feedback.

  • Look for Actual Vacancies

There is a separate section for job search here. However, to search for a job, you can also use ordinary search, typing the necessary keywords, which can be the job description, job title, company name, etc.

  • Groups of Interests

Groups can unite people both in interests and in belonging to a company. For example, there may be a group of bloggers, a group of users of a particular site, or a group of workers in the fashion industry. Sometimes on topics of groups that appear in the profile of a particular person, one can judge about someone’s interests and sphere of hobbies.

How to Use LinkedIn to Maximum Benefit

  • Participate in Discussions

Every article or update implies the possibility of commenting. This is an excellent possibility to discuss the latest news with colleagues, to demonstrate your awareness of the issue, to be aware of the news of the industry, or to make new acquaintances.

  • Use Recommendations

After successful cooperation, do not hesitate to ask satisfied customers or colleagues to leave feedback on your profile. This is a good sign for potential employers and an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your benefits and strengths.

  • Be in Touch

Be sure to answer all private messages and do not be afraid to initiate communication by yourself. For example, if a recruiter of a company has added you to contacts, it makes sense to write him a personal message for the purpose of meeting, ask if any additional information is needed, etc. Even if you do not immediately receive proposals for cooperation, you will be noticed and remembered. If you have ever seen any title similar to feature my application LinkedIn and if you have a properly organized page in the social service, it will definitely help you to get the desired job. Remember, everything in your life depends only on you, so try different ways of job search using LinkedIn.


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