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‘Who Am I’ Essay: Get to Know Guidelines for Writing

Many students wonder how to write the ‘who am I’ essay properly in a way that makes one sound smart. Overall, it should be mentioned that the ‘who am I’ essay belongs to philosophic types of essay writing. The question, “Who am I?” has always interested human nature. People have always tried to dig deep into the essence of their being and identity. That is why it is no wonder why so many students have troubles with this specific type of essay writing.
When it comes to the nature of posing this question, only human beings have the sufficiently developed consciousness to ask themselves, ‘Who am I?’ When it comes to the animal kingdom as a whole, others do not have any problems with self-identity. They simply do not ask questions that relate to their nature. However, humans tend to create problems regularly, and many of them specifically relate to thinking and cognition.

One of the features of human nature is to dig in our souls and heads and try to find some universal truth or specific answers to some questions. People reckon that each way of conduct will have a specific interpretation and could be logically explained. Maybe humans are doing right or maybe they simply have no other choice to do another way. Maybe thinking deeply is merely an inseparable part of the human nature. Some others claim that people simply care too much about different things. Actually, all of the aforementioned questions can be addressed in the ‘who am I’ essay assignment.
Before finding out the main principles and rules of ‘Who am I’ essay writing, it is essential to know when one needs this type of essay writing.

When Do You Need to Write a ‘Who Am I’ Essay?

The ‘Who am I’ essay may be needed in any kind of academic setting: whether for school, for college or for university. Sometimes, people tend to write these essays for themselves in order to delve deeper into their inner world and write out all the thoughts and worries that bother them. Sometimes, this essay type can be written as an additional part of autobiography. On the whole, there are no specific rules or specifics of writing, so it is possible to write the ‘Who am I’ essay the way you want.
Still, when it comes to college or university, you may be given some precise instructions. For instance, when this essay type is written as a part of a job application essay or when you need to prepare this essay for a job interview, you should probably follow some specific structure. At this point, your main aim should be to help the admission committee or the interviewer focus on your personality. So, some specific tips for effective writing should be definitely followed in order to make a good impression on your reader.

10 Best Ideas for ‘Who Am I Essay’ Writing to Impress Your Readers

  • Be honest. Admission officers and interviewers may read dozens of application and ‘Who am I’ essays on a daily basis, so be sure that you need to make your essay stand out of the crowd. It is essential to be able to appeal to the feelings and emotions of your reader in order to evoke interest, so the best way to do it is to be honest. Just share some specific aspects from your life and be sincere.
  • Focus on the things you are passionate about. When you focus on writing about some hobbies or pastimes you really like, be sure to write about the things you are passionate about. The sentences about such hobbies and interests will have more energy in them. As such, it will make a great impression on your reader. If you have many interests and there is not enough space to write about all of them, just choose the ones that are most favorite or that better relate to the application process. For example, if you are applying for a position of an interpreter or a manager, it will not be that much relevant to mention that you play soccer or golf.
  • Share an interesting story. Actually, story telling is always a winning approach when it comes to evoking interest of your readers in your life activities. So, do not merely describe something but start telling a story about some experience, some interest or some passion of your life. When you look at some ‘Who am I’ essay examples, you will find out that a effective approach is to share some childhood memories.
  • Be creative in writing. ‘Who am I’ essays do not belong to the category of academic writing, so be sure that you can apply more creativity here. Still, it does not mean you are free to use contractions, slang or jargon. Still, it means that you can use some sentence structures that is typically not inherent in academic writing.
  • Use metaphorical make-up. As girls may use make-up on a regular basis to seem prettier, the same is about ‘Who am I’ essay – you may use metaphorical make-up to add some creativity and uniqueness to the paper. Moreover, it will help you to express yourself in a individual way.
  • Provide sufficient information. If there is some important information that you would like your interviewers, employers or admission managers to know, please be sure you include this information in the ‘Who am I’ essay. Still, be sure that you do not repeat the information that is already mentioned in the CV or resume.
  • Avoid boasting. When talking about yourself, make sure there is a distinct line between telling something about yourself and boasting about yourself. The boastful and arrogant tone is usually evident, so make sure you do not sound arrogant.
  • Pinpoint to your personal perspective you have on different things. Often in the ‘Who am I’ essays, admission officers are eager to know about your standpoint on some specific matters or questions. So, try to be sincere in what you claim.
  • Keep in mind the impression you will leave with your essay. The best impression will be left when you are just sincere and talk about yourself facts. Still, it is also essential to maintain balance between being frank and straightforward and simply being eager to share your point of view.
  • Demonstrate your potential. When writing an essay, be sure you do not simply talk about the present and your past achievements – be sure to mention your plans and goals. Explain how you can contribute to a specific field or community. Moreover, try to focus on how you plan to further improve yourself.

These ten tips will surely help you succeed in ‘Who am I’ essay writing. Be sure to follow them if you want to cope with the assignment on your own.

What Ideas to Include and What to Avoid in Who I Am Essay Writing

In essence, there are no either good or bad ideas for essay writing. It is more about how you present them and how you reflect on them. Still, there is a clear division of topics that should be taken into account and that should be avoided.

Five Good Topics for Who I Am Essay

  1. Achievements. This is a classic topic. Frequently when talking about oneself, a person associates with the achievements he/ she has got. The topic is good to choose but still be sure that you do not merely focus on the accomplishments but also pinpoint to your specific personal traits and features that have helped you achieve something in life.
  2. Fixed mistakes. If a student mentions in the ‘Who am I’ essay that he/ she always does everything correctly and in the best way, it may sound really arrogant and also suspicious. Just agree: there is hardly any person who makes no mistakes. When it comes to the ‘Who am I’’ essay writing, it is better to specify that you have made mistakes and you solved them.
  3. Dramatic change. If you have some experience in your life when you have drastically changed your career or major, here you go. Tell about this experience and pinpoint to the difference you felt when you changed something in life. Focus on the responsibilities and decisions that you have had in your life so far.
  4. Experience of leadership. If you have held some leadership positions, be sure to focus on this experience in the ‘Who am I’ essay. Provide real-life examples what leadership position you had, what you did, what you accomplished, how you dealt with the challenges, etc.
  5. Questioned belief. If you have some viewpoint on a controversial topic and it relates to the essay topic, please feel free to share. It is great to demonstrate that you have some doubts concerning some issues. So, include your thoughts about it.

Five Bad Topics for ‘Who am I’ Essay

  1. Focus on other persons. Just agree: it would be awkward to focus your ‘Who am I’ essay on some other person or a story about your friend, person to inspire you, etc. Even if you want to mention that someone has inspired you in life or motivated, try to maintain focus on yourself and rather write about how you felt, what emotions experienced, etc.
  2. School achievements. School is not your whole life – it is just a part of it, so make sure you do not center the whole essay around your school. When talking about achievements in general, you may surely mention school achievements, but do not focus the whole essay on school. It is better to concentrate on how to deal with challenges in life as a whole.
  3. Philosophy. Essays centered on broad philosophical topics can be called “much ado about nothing.” You will just contemplate about a topic without putting forward some specific argument and presenting your clear view.
  4. Victory in a sports competition. If you are not applying for some professional position of a sportsman whatsoever, focusing on sports will not be a good idea in your ‘Who am I’ essay. Normally, a successful ‘Who am I’ essay should deal more with your personal goals, achievements, life principles, experience, personal features, etc.
  5. Politics and religion. These topics are controversial and they may lead to some heated debate rather than sheer interest in your personality. So, try to avoid them. Moreover, you may even hurt others’ feelings with these topics.

Hopefully, the above provided two lists of topics will help you tell apart a successful essay from a poor one. If you need more samples, try to find a ‘Who am I’ essay example and structure your paper accordingly.

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