Everyone needs a hero to look up to. Movies of various genres, comics, and even everyday situations give a lot of new heroes to follow. A “who is my hero essay” is a common task for the students as it is interesting for the professors to see which personalities make them gaze upward. The task is to describe unique and one-of-a-kind characteristics which distinguish certain personalities from the rest. If you wish to impress the instructor and learn how to make my personal hero essay brilliant, you can study the guidelines we have prepared for you. Remembering the rules of crafting this paper, you will not only save your time but also earn excellent points and be a successful student.

Who is your hero? Definition and Interpretation of the Term

Is the term ‘hero’ relevant only to literature, animated shows, and movies? Not really! Everyday life gives a lot of heroic personalities, who demonstrate their best qualities and do wonderful things. For sure, there is hardly anyone who has not got any experience in observing the situations with heroic people or at least hearing real-life stories about heroes. So, who is your hero essay does not really seem to be complicated.

The context of the term determines its actual meaning. Sacrificing their lives, they try to protect the interests of other people. A strong and courageous person who acts to stop the injustice, save someone’s property or life, or stop a terrible incident can be referred to as a hero. The key characteristic which makes him or her unique is his or her willingness not to get as much money as possible, but to do something good out of humane motives free of any selfishness.

What Is a Hero Essay?

First of all, let us start with defining this paper. It is an assignment which is focused on the analysis of a personality with outstanding character features and impressive accomplishments. It can be a story about a war participant with noble deeds, who is ready to show his or her courage and save others. You can also write about an influential political leader who has made the course of historical events different. Such papers can be devoted to great artists who inspire others with their example and works. If you know some examples of talented entrepreneurs and performers, you can also use them in your writing. Can you use a fictional character as a hero of your assignment? For sure! Why not? There are heroes even among ordinary people and each of them deserves a story to tell.

This is a specific type of writing as the emphasis is put on the qualities of a hero as well as his or her appearance, emotions, feelings, and actions. The readers get to know about this outstanding person through figurative language and bright sensory images. Thus, they feel the story, which becomes tangible and real. The readers almost experience the story themselves and get engaged in the storyline.

It is unfair to work on an essay under pressure and stressful circumstances. The writers of EssaysLeader.com offer you excellent hero writing prompts that will make it possible for you to write a great paper easier.

  • • Be careful, while reading through an essay prompt or question from your instruction.
  • • Select the most suitable essay topic for you personally.
  • • Do research on the chosen topic.
  • • Write a detailed essay outline to get guided. Make sure that there is the introduction, the essay body, and the conclusion.
  • • Follow a comprehensive format of a who is my hero essay format.

Have a look at our tips on how you can compose a perfect outline for your assignment.

My Hero Essay Outline

Organization of any essay is an essential factor of its success. For sure, an assignment that gives an answer to the question ‘who is your hero?’ requires a logical structure. Start with writing an outline and the process of working on the paper will be much easier. Cover all the key aspects and organize them into such sections as the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

The introduction is the part of an essay on the background of the hero and circumstances of the main actions directly related to his or her struggle and qualities. Try to make the beginning of the paper intriguing; thus, a hook will attract the attention of the readers and keep it to the end.

You can proceed to the body of the essay after the tone of your writing gets specific in the introductory part. The body of a ‘my hero essay’ comprises three paragraphs, which tell an exciting story. Mere descriptions do not work. The most recent and relevant evidence as well as in-depth research can bring flavor to your writing.

The conclusion is actually a summary of your story with the emphasis on the key idea and clear analysis of the problems. The readers have to be able to see which impact this particular hero has managed to make. No new information is allowed in the conclusion. What you need to do is restate and highlight your key ideas in the last paragraphs.

Advice on How to Write a Hero Essay

Decide on the hero. Planning your work on the paper, start with choosing the best topic. The best option will be not the most popular, but the most meaningful topic for you personally. Choose the best one among multiple ideas and interpret it in a subjective manner.

In the real-life situations, the key qualities a hero has are:

  • Courage
  • Self-sacrifice
  • Honesty
  • Strong will
  • Selflessness
  • Strength
  • Eagerness to help
  • Ability to inspire others
  • Persistence
  • Determination
  • Integrity
  • Agility
  • Willingness to protect others

The situation which determines whether people are heroic by nature is when they are in danger, but they still do everything to help others. They realize that the circumstances can be life-threatening, but they still disregard all the risks and take action when it is needed.

Make up a title. It is extremely important to give a meaningful title to the essay. The readers have to understand what makes a person hero, looking at a brief title you have created. Spark the interest of the readers and make sure that they can focus on the key things, while following your story. You cannot just entitle the paper like My Hero Essay Ideas. Instead, try to find some bright sides of the topic and help the readers understand what you want to tell about from the very beginning.

Choose the evidence. It is important to use sufficient evidence for this type of essays. This way, you will make your ideas look trustworthy. In a ‘who is my hero essay’, the best kinds of evidence are testimonials, anecdotes, and analogies.

Make notes of all details. It will be helpful for you at the stage of creating the core of the story and writing an outline. Your writing will not look confusing any longer.

Be brief. Create a concise plan and write only the facts which are to the point. All details have to be relevant to the main purpose of the paper.

Set the right order of events. Choose either a chronological order of telling about the events or the order of facts depending on their importance. Actually, there is no universal rule on that. You know how you want to present your story and you choose the manner you like most of all.

Stages of Composing a Hero Essay

No writer can follow the same writing procedure as all others. The methods and approaches differ, but there are three universal stages you have to follow if you have decided not to make use of hero essay writing help.

  1. Prewriting

At this stage, you have to plan the paper and present the collected ideas in the technique of brainstorming. Think about a fireman or a doctor you know. Recollect recent TV shows about selfless volunteers. Think about fictional characters that have once inspired and motivated you. After that, it is time to outline the essay.

  1. Drafting

This stage is a natural continuation of the previous one. Follow the crafted outline and get from the introduction through the body to the hero essay conclusion. The hook for the readers and coherence of the entire text will make it possible to ensure the clarity of your writing. Make sure that the main idea is clearly seen in each of the paragraphs.

  1. Editing

Start editing of the paper with the hero essay title and go through all the sentences. Thus, you will take the needed action to polish your writing and eliminate the mistakes you have made. Your editing will go in line with revising the content. Your effort will result in higher grade for who is my hero essay.

My Hero Essay Example

It is sad that people have to leave earlier or later, and there is no remedy or solution which can get them back. I wish there was some trick which would allow me to get beloved people back and enjoy being with them for at least a short time more. I felt absolutely devastated and desperate when I lost my grandmother, and I still cannot overcome the pain that overwhelms me because she has gone. Sometimes it seems to me that I would agree to pay any price to see her again and feel the warmth of her hands on my face. Never in my life, had I noticed any drawback in this beautiful woman, loving mother and caring grandmother Magaly. I have not met anybody yet who would be as tender, understanding, attentive, kind-hearted, and wise as my beloved Grandma.

For me, a hero is not always a person who does extraordinary things in emergencies and saves people’s lives sacrificing his or her life. I truly believe that a person whose life can serve as an example of devoted love, willingness to success, desire for goodness as an opposite of the evil is a real-life hero. My grandmother has always impressed me with her excellence in everything that she started. It seemed to me that she knew some magic which helped her never fail in anything. Besides, I would like to have her ability to forgive and be fair in her judgments. I have never heard her gossiping about any relative or neighbor; moreover, she was a person with an enormous tolerance and absolute lack of prejudice. I try to follow her in that, but I miss her wise advice and personal example so much that sometimes I cannot but cry remembering her.

I have always known that all my friends wanted to have such a grandmother as I had. She loved me so much that she could turn the world upside down if that could make me happy and smiling. She treated me as a grown-up even when I was a five-year-old girl, and that made me feel confident and proud. Owing to her, I knew how to cook basic food, clean the rooms, and do laundry when my friends’ only entertainment was playing with the dolls and toys. Now I am not afraid of any household work as she taught me how to cope with all the tasks easily and with joy. In fact, she did everything with joy. Even when she knew that she had cancer in her bones, she kept the energy, enthusiasm, and the power of her spirit to care about others. Her kindness and eagerness to be helpful were amazing. Once, she was looking after one of our lonely neighbors during two weeks. The woman had had a surgery on her knee, and she needed continuous care and support. As there was nobody who could take care of her, my grandmother decided to lend her a helping hand at once. To crown all that, her help was always disinterested and sincere. She taught me a valuable lesson that doing something good for others we do good for ourselves.

I keep feeling support and love of my grandmother even now when she is no longer around. I have learnt so many lessons from her and I try to apply them so hard that I hope she can be proud of me. My memories of her as of an outstanding personality with no great deeds but with unlimited number of small valuable things she did for other people. I will always remember her as an excellent wife, mother, and grandmother who united the family and brought a spirit of warmth, genuine love, support, and sincerity into the relationships she had. I miss my grandmother badly, and I cherish all the memories which can bring her back at least for a certain moment.

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