Why We Need Web Developers

November 17, 2017

It’s an excellent time to become a web-developer and if you’re already one, congratulations – you’re in a very good position. The question may arise – why is that so? Why is there such a high demand for web-developers? The answer is very simple – the times are changing, we’re moving in the online era very fast, and if we’re moving that quick, then someone needs to facilitate that online space. People who do this are web-developers, because they optimize and build websites, create software and mobile applications and make our online world a good place to be. It makes web-development a career path with great perspectives. Just think about it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that we will have a 27% increase in the amount of web-developers by 2024. What about the salaries? Well, figures show it clearly that it is a very attractive profession to choose. Today, the salaries range from $83,000-$136,000, and they’re increasing.

How to Become a Web-Developer

If you want to become a web-developer yourself, you need to take a look at the job web-developers’ job description:

  • Collect requirements and create specifications for web applications;
  • Provide web administrators with technical assistance;
  • Integrate websites with databases and other back-end systems;
  • Write test results and test plans.

Why we need web developer

You also need to take a look at the broad list of qualifications necessary for web developers:

  • Comprehensive familiarity with the apps and internet protocols combined with a thorough business strategy understanding. 
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work both as a part of the team and individually.
  • Proficiency in different web tools and technologies, such as ColdFusion, HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, LAMP, SOAP and others.
  • Computer science bachelor degree and 1-3 years of practical experience.

Compared to other professions, the occupation of a web-developer usually doesn’t require any certification. Of course, it will be a plus if you have a Bachelors’ degree in computer science, but your actual experience is much more important . Companies will be much more motivated to get people who have already produced real products that work, rather than those who only have certifications but no working experience. 

Web-Development for Life

The requirements listed above are not the only ones, because the best developers are simply obsessed with coding and can spend 60 hours a week coding at work and another 10-20 hours coding at home. In addition to this, the most talented developers have their own JavaScript libraries, websites and they make their contributions to the open source community on a regular basis.

Another component that will help you to become a good web-developer is excellent communication skills. If you’re able to communicate with the founders, customers and business users in a way that leaves only good impressions, this will increase your chance of climbing up the career ladder and getting a high salary. 


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