Writing Creative Fiction

November 7, 2017

Anybody can just sit down and write fiction, but not everybody has skills and talent to write really good fiction. Learning to write good fiction is an art that requires much patience and practice. Here are several writing tips that are aimed at helping you improve your craft.

Consider Your Audience

Are you writing a crime novel, a fantasy novel, or, maybe, erotica? There are plenty of fiction genres, each of which has its peculiar features, therefore, audiences for each genre have various expectations that the writer should cover. For instance, if you are writing a crime novel, you should reveal the events that took place earlier and devote the novel to solving the crime. If you are working on a thriller, you should dedicate your story to characters making every effort to stop whatever it is from happening.

Start with Tension

Multiple times you will hear from fiction writers and instructors that you have to start your stories with action. However, this advice is imperfect in some way. What good can the action be if it is not grounded in context that is important to the story or draws the reader to the main character? Instead of starting with action, start with tension, for example, with a character facing troubles with getting something he/she wants – failing to save a friend’s life or beating a rival in a race, or anything else that keeps the readers interested.


Know What Your Characters Want

You can create an exciting story if your characters want something specific. Romeo and Juliet want one another. Harry Potter wants to beat Voldemort. If you want to write a good fiction story, you need compelling characters, and the best ones can be the characters with strong wants and desires.

End Every Chapter on a Cliff

No, it does not mean that you have to end every chapter on a real cliff, but it is of great importance to make your readers interested in an unanswered question. It does not also mean that you should not answer questions in the whole story; we are just trying to say that you should create new ones while you go along. Creativity is very important for writers. You should keep in mind that fiction stories are built on the readers’ curiosity, and if you do not spark it, especially at the end of each chapter, they have no incentive to continue reading.

Provide Your Characters with as Many Obstacles as only Possible

The obstacles presented in your story may be just as difficult and dangerous as you prefer. But the main thing is that the characters have to be able to overcome any obstacles, even the most complicated ones – serious addiction, love with someone who is on the antagonist’s side, etc. Fictional stories are strongest if the characters face difficulties and still come through all of them in the end.


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