It is known that there are a few kinds of writing styles. A style is a means of describing subjects, places, events, and presenting ideas. Every writer takes personal approach to analyzing some issues and communicating with readers. Each paper has a specific purpose. Some works are produced to explain how some mechanisms works. Other pieces of writing tend to convince readers of something. It is understandable that each author has a particular style of writing stories. Nevertheless, according to the aim of writing, there are four main types of papers.

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If you want to know how to prepare papers using a particular style, consider the following points:

Expository Writing Style

The aim of such a work is to inform readers about something or explain how to do something. When writing this type of paper, you should not express your opinion about the analyzed subject. It means that you need to be objective when examining the given topic. It is important to provide straightforward facts about the discussed matter. Furthermore, you may also present charts, tables, and statistical data to make the analysis more detailed. Do not forget that you should not share your point of view on the matter. Note that it is one of the most popular styles of writing. It is widely applied to producing handbooks.

Expository papers:

An expository style of writing is used to produce:

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Descriptive Style of Writing

It is known that there are different writing styles. This one must be the most specific among all the others. It concentrates on the peculiar features of events, characters, etc. The chief aim of the work produced in this style is to provide detailed description of the debated matter. Therefore, when preparing papers in this style, you need to explore every last detail about the selected subject. Thus, you will be able to write a superior essay. By the way, there is a considerable variety of poems written in this style.

Peculiar Features:

This style may be found in:

Persuasive Writing Method

According to the writing style definition, persuasive papers try to convince readers to take the author’s position. When producing a piece of persuasive writing, you may express your personal opinion about the discussed matter. This is a key feature that differs this style from the expository one. When preparing a work in this style, you should state convincing reasons to persuade readers to take your personal point of view on the discussed issue. Letters of complaint, advertisements, cover letters, etc., are usually written in this style.

Persuasive pieces of writing:

A persuasive style of writing can be found in:

Narrative Writing

This is one of the most wide-spread essay writing styles. Narrative papers have the same features as stories. They are often presented in the form of dialogues. The prime purpose of such works is to tell readers an interesting story. Authors usually create characters and involve them in different situations. Sometimes, the narrations are written in the first person singular. Such works as bibliographies, novels, poetic pieces, and others are usually produced in this style. Narrative essays tell readers what happens with the characters and how they act in the situations described by the author.

Significant Features:

A persuasive style of writing is used in the following works:

Concluding Section

The writing styles discussed above are used for producing different types of papers. However, you should know that there are a lot of their sub-types that may be applied to preparing works as well. If you want to write a good essay every time your professor gives you an assignment, you should be well-aware of the key features of these styles. The most important thing is determine the purpose of writing a paper. Then, you will easily choose and use the required style.

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