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Argumentative essay topics

Argumentative Essay Topics

It is not an easy task to choose good argumentative essay topics if you are interested in getting excellent grades. Where to start the search from?

  • You can start your search with taking a certain quality (creative, lazy, diligent, and curious, etc.) and defining it using your own experience. Try to remember the situations in which you demonstrated this quality. Besides, think about the moments when you lacked it or had it challenged.

It is important to understand what your defining characteristics are. It will be much easier to choose the best argument essay topics.

  • Try looking for surprising and unexpected topics. Collect your thoughts and remember different things that have happened to you. It can be a funny incident from your childhood when you could not get out of some refrigerator box, or any other thing that no one could expect from you.

Good argumentative essay examples also show that it is efficient to choose the topic related to the activity you are keen on. The readers will be involved into your story if it shows you from an unknown perspective: like a baseball player interested in knitting. Furthermore, it is great to choose a characteristic or trait that even the people who know you for a long time are not aware of. Tell about the size of your foot which is too small for your height, or choose any other impressive characteristic.

  • Build your top-notch argument essay on the interesting topics. Do not use the routine threadbare things which will bore the readers to death. The examples of mundane topics are the following: How I Have Overcome My Fear of Public Transport, The Day I Helped My Neighbor Maid Clean the Hotel Rooms, My Friends Think I Weigh Too Much to Be Sensitive, I Have Never Tried any Informal Things Living in Surf City.
  • There are numerous samples of argumentative essays that can be found online. Read them not to be confused and embarrassed. Skim through the essays written by students from all over the world to feel what you can tell to your readers. Trigger your own ideas looking through the ideas of other students. Use the examples of argumentative essays to improve your style of writing and the skill of working on the structure of the text.
  • Think about the problems and obstacles you had on your way. Think over the problem and get an exciting story to write. Look through some sample argumentative essay to see what people write about phobias, bad luck, changes, challenges and mistakes. An engaging story starts from a little personal anecdote.

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Most Interesting Topics for Argumentative Essays

We have created a list of the most interesting topics for argumentative essays for you to be able to create a true masterpiece and get the excellent grade. Choosing one topic from this list, you will find many reasonable arguments and prepare an exemplary essay.


1.    How winning the lottery can change the life of a person?
2.    Why is the death penalty such a controversial issue in the contemporary society?
3.    What is the role of fashion nowadays?
4.    Why do so many people decide to be atheists?
5.    Pros and cons of gun control.
6.    The key reasons to become a member of the fraternity or sorority at the college.
7.    What are the possible drawbacks of the democracy?
8.    Why living forever is boring?
9.    What are the benefits of the highly competitive environment?
10.    Should the working mothers have some privileges?
11.    Should the government of different countries make the control of refuges stricter?
12.    The concept of cultural shock: Why it is so hard to accept the culture of other people?
13.    Abortion as an ethical concept.
14.    Should the government improve the antiracist policies?
15.    Why is the sexual orientation still a burning issue in the contemporary tolerant society?


1.    Are people too dependent on the modern technology in the 21st century?
2.    Does the internet slow down the moral development?
3.    What impact does the social media have on the human life?
4.    E-books vs classic books: Benefits and shortcomings.
5.    The phenomenon of Instagram. Why are people becoming more dependent?
6.    How can the robots make the human life easier?
7.    The reasons for cryptocurrency appearance.
8.    How long should we wait before the electronic money will substitute the paper one?
9.    Cyberbullying: What areas should be protected?
10.    Should the children of elementary schools be prevented from computed games?
11.    Does the social media tend to make us lonelier?
12.    Should the Internet content be more restricted?
13.    The negative consequences of the artificial intelligence development.
14.    Are people dependent on the comments in social networks?


1.    College education: Pros and cons.
2.    Should the membership in fraternity influence the student`s performance?
3.    How the college dropouts Bill Gates and Steve Jobs could reach success?
4.    If compulsory homework is canceled, will children study at home?
5.    What are the essential characteristics of the student-professor relationships?
6.    If the child does not like the particular subject, what measures should be taken?
7.    Should college authorities be loyal towards the sexual orientation of the students?
8.    What are the negative aspects of conformism in the educational environment?
9.    What subjects should be optional?
10.    How the prof-orientation tests help the students select the career.
11.    Free college education: Advantages and disadvantages.
12.    Should college athletes be paid?
13.    Should children be taught housekeeping at school?
14.    Should children be tested for drugs at school?
15.    Is homework an effective instrument to gain knowledge?


1.    The benefits and shortcomings of the US healthcare system.
2.    Why is the breakfast a must for maintaining good health?
3.    Should people have the right to death? Pros and cons of euthanasia.
4.    What are the possible benefits of shortening the working day to six hours?
5.    Obesity in the United States: Causes and consequences of the problem.
6.    Should free mental therapy be provided to the children of school age?
7.    What kinds of sports are dangerous for the human health?
8.    The pros and cons of being vegan.
9.    The dangerous consequences of human cloning.
10.    The danger of fast food: To eat or not to eat.
11.    Should marijuana be legalized?
12.    The impact of Obamacare on the US society.
13.    How can a good sleep influence the human life?
14.    Shopping: Addiction or hobby?
15.    Does the lifespan depend on genetics?


1.    Should same-gender people have the rights to raise a child?
2.    To what extent should be parents involved in the life of their child?
3.    Should people undergo some tests before becoming the parents?
4.    How the parents` inability to raise up a child should be punished?
5.    To what extent are the parents responsible for the crimes of their children?
6.    Should men and women have the same rights in marriage?
7.    Is it ethical to read the child`s diary?
8.    Should parents allow their children plastic surgery if the latter want to fix the obvious defects?
9.    Do parents have the rights to tell their child whom to date with?
10.    Should children have the right to decide with whom to stay after divorce?
11.    At what age parents can allow their child to try alcohol?
12.    Why having more than five children is considered irresponsible?
13.    Should children be obliged to help their elderly parents financially?
14.    How can parents cope with the drug addiction of their child?

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Literature, Cinema, Art, and Other Interesting Topics for Argumentative Essays

1.    How the level of censorship influences the development of art in a certain country?
2.    Are the movies of the 21st century became crueler?
3.    Why watching TV is the waste of time?
4.    Books vs movies: Key advantages and disadvantages.
5.    Do the actors playing the murderers and maniacs take some risk?
6.    Should parents take their children to the exhibitions with the nude pictures?
7.    Do all forms of art deserve for existence?
8.    How the books can broaden the human worldview?
9.    Do the famous artists have the innate talent or it is the hard work that helped them reach success?
10.    Plagiarism: What are the causes and consequences of using the works of other people?

We do hope that you choosing one of the interesting topics for argumentative essays mentioned above, you will impress your professor. Indeed, each of them opens a huge field of research and if you want to achieve success, just dedicate some time and efforts to writing your essay.

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