It is never easy to prepare for written exams, especially if you don’t know what to expect. As a rule, students are to answer several types of exam questions that are presented in different formats. Thus, in order to prepare for the exam and answer all the questions correctly, the student must know what forms of questions there exist and how to address them correctly. It is also advisable to ask the instructor about the genre of questions you can expect.

In this article, our professional custom writers discuss the types of examination questions and tactics to answer them properly. They also provide useful tips on getting ready for such tests. Also, you will find out about the writing services you can order online to pass your exams successfully.

How to Get Ready for Different Formats of Tests

Sooner or later, any college or university student faces the need to get ready for the test. Is there a way to get the most out of one’s study sessions? Yes, there is. There are general studying techniques one should use to get high grades:

Read on to learn about the four main types of questions and how to properly address them.

Answering Computational or Problem-Type Questions

Questions in these categories involve solving problems with the use of calculations.

If you are studying or preparing to answer computational or problem-style questions, you should:

Answering Essay Questions

Answers to essay questions should be structured similarly to any essay or scholarly report. These answers can range in length from a few short paragraphs to several pages. Reference lists will not be needed, but all sources should be acknowledged. It is often indicated in instructions how long such an essay should be. If there is no such information, then it is worth looking at the value of the question: how many points can you get by answering it correctly? The higher the number of points, the longer your essay should be.

If you are studying or preparing to answer essay-type questions, you should:

Things to remember when you are answering essay-type questions in an actual exam:

With essay questions/answers, it is essential to remain within the time allocated to you. An excessive amount of time on one question can leave you short of time for subsequent questions. If you find yourself short of time, write down some key ideas and words to let the examiner know the direction you were going in. This may earn you a few extra marks.

Additionally, leave plenty of margin space for the exam marker. Try to make your writing as neat as possible and do your best to do some proofreading as you proceed.

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Answering Multiple-Choice Type Questions

A multiple-choice question is made up of the first part of a sentence – known as the core or stem – or a full question and several (generally three to five) answer options. Those taking the test or exam are then required to select the answer they know or believe to be correct from the list of options. The allocation of marks indicates the amount of time you should devote to individual questions.

If you are studying or preparing to answer multiple-choice questions, you should focus on:

Things to remember when you are answering multiple-choice questions in an actual exam:

If possible, all questions should be answered even if some answers are your guesses. You just might be correct if you select an option. In some cases, however, you can lose marks for incorrect answers so be sure you understand the instructions before you start writing.

Working with the Short Answer Type Questions

As the name suggests, these types of questions require relatively short answers, ranging from a few well-chosen words to one or two paragraphs. The allocation of marks is often an indication of how long the answer should be.

If you are studying or preparing to answer short answer exam questions, you should focus on:

Things to remember when you are dealing with short answer questions in an actual exam:

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