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To Kill a Mockingbird vs Go Set a Watchman

Film and Cinema
To Kill a Mockingbird is a film directed by Robert Mulligan. The film depicts heart-warming humanity and heart-breaking cruelty in a world dominated by evil that adults do in the presence of innocent children (Brown and Schulten). The film demonstrates a model of masculine decency through Atticus Finch, a lawyer who protected a black man accused of raping a white lady

Irish American Music

Music is a type of entertainment that involves people putting sounds together in a manner that they enjoy and find interesting. Music includes voice singing as well as playing musical instruments like guitar, piano, and drums. Almost everybody enjoys music, whether by playing an instrument, singing or listening to it

Criminal Law

In the criminal justice system especially in developed countries like the United States of America, a correction system entails diverse functions undertaken by the government which involves punishment, treatment, supervision and rehabilitation of individuals who have convicted of crimes. These functions also include probation, imprisonment and parole

Should Prostitution be Decriminalized?

Toni Mac is a sex worker and activist with the Sex Worker Open University (SWOU) in the United Kingdom. Her opinion regarding the legalization of prostitution is captured as a talk on TED, a global online community where people share their ideas. In the talk, she advocates for sex workers rights

The Obesity Problem in the Hillsborough County

Running Head: THE OBESITY PROBLEM IN THE HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY 1. Population groups and communities are critical in fostering community health. In this regard, through community health it is possible to study and improve the health of a given community

Daisy Miller

Running head: THE AUTHOR'S LANGUAGE IN DAISY MILLER 1. Daisy Miller is a well-known novel that portrays the story of the cognominal character in Europe. The American girl differs from the other people by her behavior and lack of knowledge in social rules and norms

Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing

Nobody would argue with the fact that healthcare services involve various practices and roles. These roles serve different functions, but their unified performance delivers quality and reliable care to patients. Since each role is responsible for a particular aspect of healthcare, it is reasonable to note that education, performance, mindset, and even philosophy of each role differs drastically

Lymphoma Disease

Lymphoma is a general notion comprising a diverse group of hematological malignancies, categorized according to their anatomic-pathological and clinical manifestations. In most cases, lymphoma develops as a result of an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells within the human lymphatic system. According to the recent estimations, lymphomas make about 3-4% of the total cancer diagnoses worldwide (Roman & Smith, 2014)

LG Company Analysis

LG Electronics Inc. is a multinational electronic company, with the headquarters in Seoul. The Company employs over 82 thousand people in its 119 branches distributed all over the world

Literature of the Victorian Age

The Victorian Age in literature can be characterized by a shift from the Romantic era to the themes discussing the real life. During the particular age, poetry remains a popular genre among the Victorian writers who begin to address social conflicts and injustice in England, which are connected to the rise of industrialism and technology

Dizzy Gillespie a Jazz Legend

The world is full of legendary people in various spheres of human activities. Music sets its legends to a different level, as they not only change the flow of music culture development and stimulate others to create something new and strive to achieve success. Dizzy Gillespie is not only a jazz legend, he is the starting point for new music waves and original styles


The work is focused on studying the exhibition Real/Ideal: Photography in France 1847-1860 in J. Paul Getty Museum. The task is to learn the theme of photographers creative work and to find out the matter of photographic exhibition


Araby is a story written by James Joyce who employs an anonymous first-person narration to portray the world as per his wishes as opposed to the reality (Paragraph 1). He speaks like a small boy living with his uncle and aunt in North Richmond Street in Dublin. The boy has playmates, and one of them is Mangan who has a sister that the narrator loves...

Digital Crimes

The advancement in technology led to many firms digitizing most of their operations. It also made executing of some activities easier and faster because digital platforms were rapid and efficient. Most organizations created operational websites which entailed all services provided, thus; customers could sign up and access anything they wanted (Kling, 2012)

The Issue of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a significant public health issue that affects the social, psychological, and biological sides of peoples lives. This problem depends on many factors, including genetics, upbringing, social environment, and emotional health. People, who have problems with alcohol in the family, or they closely contact with heavy drinkers, then, they are more likely to face severe alcohol problems in own lives

Japanese Cinema

Film and Cinema
American films were among the most renowned films immediately after the First World War and some of the techniques that they employed were employed as the most common techniques in most film industries (Baskett, 4). One thing for sure is that, just like any other Filmmakers, Japanese directors were also involved in the employment of both lateral staging coupled with a more diagonal arrangement of...
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