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Cross-Cultural History Exchanges

Trade and religion are examples of cross-cultural exchanges in world history. The two aspects represent the most significant inter-cultural exchanges because of their long-term effects and the critical roles they played in shaping history. It is necessary to understand the development of the two cross-cultural elements, how they have affected human life over time (importance), […]

Video Reflection

Film and Cinema
Communication is one of the most valuable elements in the contemporary world of business. Actually, it is necessary to pay attention to every aspect of personal communication patterns in order to evaluate its influence on the listeners’ ability to absorb information in an appropriate way. Communication patterns define human relations in every aspect of human […]

Travelling for Education is Better than for Shopping

People usually mean by travelling going from one site to another for diverse purposes, such as domestic needs, businesses, education, and shopping among others. Nevertheless, the most significant goal of this activity is to explore new cultures, traditions, as well as the life of diverse people in various countries all over the world. All these […]

Traditional Turkish Music

Abstract Traditional folk music is the main source of folklore. It is a product of thoughts and feelings of the people reflecting the momentous changes in history of the nation composed by individual singers. Traditional music is stored in people’s memory and greatly shows history of the nation. Traditional Turkish music is not an exception. […]

Theory of Human Caring

Development Dr. Jean Watson developed the Theory of Human Caring during 1975-1979. At the time, she was a faculty member at the University of Colorado. The theory emerged from Watson’s own views regarding nursing as well as her doctoral studies in social, clinical, and educational psychology. The development of the theory was Watson’s initial effort […]

The Success Of Pokémon Go

The success of a new venture in an industry depends on its suitability for the needs of the consumers. Before the introduction of a new service into the market, it is essential that efforts are made to conduct a comprehensive market research so that the particular need is identified. It would also be crucial to […]

The Battle of Sinai

Sinai Peninsula connects Africa with Asia, which is geographically part of it. Sinai is situated near the Red Sea and washed by the Gulf of Aqaba in the east and the Gulf of Suez in the west. This peninsula is considered one of the most amazing regions of Egypt. Nevertheless, it is mostly known for […]

Sufism and Spiritual Dancing

Abstract The main theme of this research project is the analysis of Sufi whirling. The work includes the discussion of its origin and general features. The topic has been chosen because it is relevant and interesting to explore. To complete the study, only scholarly resources in religious studies and theology have been utilized in order […]

Social Media and Beauty

Nowadays there is an increasing social significance of corporeity, which causes the growth of interest in the standards of human physical attractiveness. The body is gradually becoming a sign of status, since it reflects the financial possibilities of a person. There are some attributes of beauty, which make the final assessment appeal. Hence, the research […]

Should Use of Pesticides Be Banned in Agriculture, Yes or No

Introduction The need to satisfy the feed the growing population has led to massive technological transformations in almost every field. As a result, innovation is presently influencing all spheres of human life in various dimensions. Similarly, the situation in agricultural is not any different. significant innovations have occurred in farming with the intention to improve […]

Seven Samurais

Film and Cinema
The director’s style of Akira Kurosawa is characterized by the special alignment of cinematic space in the film and the links to the historical context. Analyzing the historical background of Seven Samurai, it is important to underline the role of history in the film. The author filmed it in Jidaigeki, a popular Japanese genre which […]

Role of Movement in Brain Development of Young Children

Child development represents an area of study dedicated to familiarizing oneself with complete features of human growth and shift from birth to puberty. Several development fields in the domain of a child entail physical, cognitive, and social-emotional growth. The physical development comprises the change and growth of an individual’s body and body operations. In such […]


Introduction Nowadays, the companies are exposed to the number of the different systems that could be used for the evaluation of the employees’ performance and presenting of the final results of the surveys. The paper under consideration aims to reflect on the graphic rating scales as the methods for measuring employees’ dedication and efforts demonstrated […]

Protection from Heavy Rains

Introduction Umbrellas are folding canopies that are usually mounted on a pole for support and which have the function of protecting people from rain or from sunlight. Umbrellas meat for protecting from rain are made using waterproof materials so that when rain drops hit the umbrella they do not pass through the material and reach […]

Meaningful Lives

Probably everyone has asked a question of the meaningfulness of life, but not everyone was able to find a clear answer. The problem is that the exact answer to this question will not give you a sense of life, because the meaning, purpose and sense of life are individual. Most people see the meaning of […]

Macbeth’s First Meeting with Witches in Cinema

Film and Cinema
Every reader and moviemaker may have some particular point of view on some episode of a play. This detail helps a book to provide its readers different impressions. Besides, in a case of cinema, every particular director’s impression becomes common through the audiovisual means of cinematograph. In the case of Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth, […]
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