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Correctional Program: What Works in Corrections

Implementing correctional programs involves investing massive amounts of money, and as a result government, providers of finances, policymakers, and the public expect more accountability from the administrators.

Travel and Culture in the Films of Wong Kar-Wai

Film and Cinema
Introduction Globalization has placed most regions on the global map regarding art, culture and entertainment. According to Wong and McDonogh in their book, Global Hong Kong, Hong Kong is a depicted as a center of the flow of global capital as well as trade with the region being painted as an archetypal place that is […]

The Shining, The Killing, A Space Odyssey

Film and Cinema
The Shining Question 1 The other violent or disturbing scene is during a conversation between Jack and Grady where Grady casually mentions that he ‘corrected’ his family and emphasized how and why Jack needs to correct his family. However, the correction in this regard implies the demolition of his family which has been shown in […]

“Because I Could Not Stop for Death” and “I heard a Fly Buzz – When I Died”

Emily Dickinson, an American poet, was interested in the notion of death. She devoted several of her poems to its illustration and perception in different ways. In some of them, the author uses the first person to portray the process of dying and describe the feeling and emotions of a person at the moment of […]

The Future of Digital Crimes and Digital Terrorism

From day to day, people need the Internet for personal use or work more often, and the world does not seem so big any more. The Internet is a surprising phenomenon of modern life, which shortens distances between people. However, on the other hand, it gives cyber criminals access to every device connected to the […]

The Babylonian Philosophy

Introduction Philosophy represents the common and essential issues regarding matters such as being, awareness, ethics, reason, cognizance, and semantic. Usually, traditionally it signified any body of understanding. The following essay examines the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians beliefs about the principal philosophical areas. The Greek marvel concerning philosophy is also analyzed and the reason why the […]

South Eastern Asian History

Henry Kissinger Henry Alfred Kissinger was an American legate and political professional, born on May 27, 1923, in Furth, Germany. Kissinger was born in a household of Jews in the course of the Weimar Republic. Henry worked as the state security advice-giver (from January 20, 1969- November 3, 1975) and later concomitantly he served as […]


Introduction Self-realization refers to the development and fulfillment of potential on an individual. In the theory of self-actualization, it is perceived that, an individual life of Excellency highly bases on the actualization of human potentiality. In a political perspective, self-realization is refers to a process of individuals attaining freedom from external coercion, which include both […]

Free Markets of the Modern Economies

According to Adam Smith, Wealth was fixed and finite. Man’s tendency towards self-interest promoted prosperity. In coining the term “invisible hand,” Smith referred to the ‘free trade market’ where labor was believed to be adequately divided (Canaan, 3). There was freedom to produce and exchange goods as they pleased. In believing in the invisible hand, […]

Research Paper on Meredith Monk

Film and Cinema
Introduction Meredith Monk, born in 1942, is an American composer, singer, choreographer, and filmmaker. She spent her early childhood in Queens, keenly participating in Piano plays. She hails from a musical family with her mother being a studio singer. She is the sole forerunner of the style that is currently called “extended vocal technique” and […]

Art and Design Reflection Paper

Art Design
Nowadays, art has deeply ingrained in the modern culture. It fully interferes with all spheres of human life, namely cultural, social, and historical. The one who gains relevant knowledge in art can perceive the world differently since the way of understanding the beauty changes completely. That is why art has become one of the important […]

Philosophy Term Paper

Introduction The discussion of efficiency, self-interest, human and environmental rights has always been a controversy, due to different versions of explanations given by the interested parties. Thus, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and Aristotle took their time to explain their version of the argument as it will be discussed in this paper. The paper will also […]


The philosophical problem of free will and determinism is one of the most crucial issues in ethics because it requires various opposing dispositions. In this case, philosophers try to find a compromise between these different explanations of human free will choosing the most optimal among them. On the other hand, philosophers cannot always explain the […]

North Korea Economic Developments

North Korean socialist economy defines the mechanism of allocation, distribution, and the production of services, goods, and resources in the country with defined regulations and policies about administrations and policies. Socialist economies in other nations have thrived over the recent years as compared to North Korea’s economy. China, for example, implemented massive administerial and policy […]

Music Report

Although, music is an independent art, nowadays, it also plays an important role in cinematography. It can share the mood of film with the audience and explain emotions of the film’s characters. Many soundtracks for the films have become extremely popular after the release and even those people, who did not watch film can recognize […]

How The Urban Agriculture Can Reduce The Greenhouse Emission

Introduction The greenhouse effect did not appear simultaneously. It has existed ever since our planet has got the atmosphere, and without it the temperature of surface layers of it would have been an average of thirty degrees below the actual temperature. However, in the last century and a half of the content of certain greenhouse […]
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