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Triumph of Conservatism

The beginning of the 20th century was marked by the unanticipated growth of the USA’s role in the world affairs as well as its regretful social problems. While the government and commercial elite struggled to extend the American power beyond the national borders, American society faced challenging issues. As the United States wallowed in racial […]

The Opposition Of Nature And Culture In The Legend Of Sig Gawain

Summary The proposed study deals with the relationships between the Welsh Celts and the English Christians. It is described in the medieval poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight through the prism of symbolism of the opposition between nature and civilization. Through the researches of postcolonial and feministic discourse elements in the poem, it becomes […]

The Calming of the Inner Storm

In the Letter to Monoeceus, Epicurus highlights certain directions, which can also be called the life lessons. Epicurus states that the pleasure and avoidance of sufferings are the main aims in the life of the person. The philosopher makes an argument, according to which the person, in order to calm the inner storm, must first […]

The Allegory of the Cave in Plato’s The Republic

Ancient Greece gave the world the philosophers whose teachings have laid the foundations of the modern science. Moreover, their works and thoughts have not lost their significance even nowadays. Such works include the Plato’s Myth of the Cave, which is presented in his book The Republic. Basing on a conversation between Socrates and Glaucon, the […]

The Development of Confucianism

The writings of Confucius, Mencius, and Xunzi efficiently explain the development of Confucianism from the 5th century. In his works, Confucius emphasized that Confucianism was developed to allow correctly conducting rituals, implanting the importance of responsibility and loyalty in the society as well as perfecting moral values to become a better person. In general, Confucius […]

Protecting Our Democracy from Dictatorship

The world’s history demonstrates that there are different ways of self-organization of the societies ranging from a primitive communal system to modern democracy. It is generally agreed that modern democracy is a huge benefit to any society as it grants the basic civil rights to any individual. However, there is evidence that some of the […]

Problems of Population Growth

Population growth is one of the current global complications faced by humanity. The problems that come as a result of this process spark related human crises that increase the degree of distress in life. The relationship between uncontrolled population progression and economic development has attracted the attention of critical thinkers and world economic superpowers. They […]

Police Shootings in the United States

Abstract In the recent time, extrajudicial shootings in the United States have increased to a higher level. There have been cries in the country and all over the world concerning these acts that are taking a lot of innocent lives of harmless citizens. The fatal shootings have gone to a much extend by escalating racism […]

Open Grave Movie Analysis

The paper represents a movie analysis. The movie which has been chosen for the research is Open Grave. The paper provides a detailed insight into the hues of meanings and concepts the authors of the movie intended to translate via the video image. Also, the research contains a detailed analysis of the zombies’ characters and […]

Oedipus the King

Introduction Sophocles is the great Greek dramatist, who gave us one of the most delightful works of human civilization – the tragedy of Oedipus the King. The plot revolves around a man, defining the topic – the theme of moral self-identity. Oedipus the King by Sophocles may not be the most profound and powerful among […]

Indigenous Photography

Art Design
Several illustrations of portraiture in the self-authored context from the article “Is there an Aboriginal photography?’’ indicated a long time photography practice among the indigenous Australian authors. The different authors had a uniting factor of the description of the missed photographic moments of politics and cultural invisibility as was the case with Fink. The argument […]

Health and Illness in Diverse Cultures

The U.S. population is characterized by the presence of diverse cultures. Moreover, the cultural diversity will grow in the future, so health providers have to be prepared to work with patients from various cultural and religious backgrounds. This paper will discuss some issues which might arise while working with Muslim and pish-speaking patients. The analysis […]

Gun Control: Pros and Cons

People are entitled to have different opinions about the issues or policies affecting them. To prevent any deadlock, especially over the policies affecting the entire country, legislators need to reach an agreement partly favoring all parties. One of such controversial issues in the US is gun control. Thus, the society is divided into two groups […]

Feminism Literature

When it comes to English literature of the late XVIII, literary theories and feminism is one of the most debatable topics. In terms of ethical implications, old-fashioned lifestyle described in many English novels seems to be funny but dishonest. The one and only possibility for a girl or a woman to change her lifestyle in […]

Cyber Security

Terrorism is a problem that is of great concern to all people in every part of the world. Even though the attacks do not happen quite often, each attack leaves a trail of damage in terms of the number of casualties and the economic destabilization of the given nation. Unfortunately, terrorism, unlike petty crime or […]

Critique Essay

Nowadays, there is hardly any doubt as to whether the cotemporary world is globalized by nature. In fact, globalization has become such an integral part of the world that all individuals acknowledge its significance and influence no matter whether they suppose that this influence is positive or negative. However, in 2002 globalization was a relatively […]
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