Basic Rules for Writing a Problem Solution Essay

Problem Solution Essay Writing

When you are assigned to write an original problem solution essay, it means that you need to identify a problem and offer its effective solutions. This paper may be written by high school and university students. Note that it is necessary to research the issue thoroughly to produce a work of top quality. You should provide sound arguments to explain why a particular solution to the faced problem is appropriate. You may also state compelling reasons for solving the problem urgently.

Short Guide on Problem Solution Essay Writing

As to structure, it should include

  1. an introductory section,
  2. thesis statement,
  3. main body, 
  4. concluding paragraph.

You should start writing your paper with presenting the problem. For this reason, you should consider various problem solution essay topics and choose the most suitable ones. Then, you need to define the subtopics and write down the points that may be covered. Note that you should pick an impressive subject. In this case, it will be interesting to examine it. However, you should not select a broad topic as it may be hard to arrive at a good solution to the identified problem.

Introduction to Problem and Solution Essay

The introductory paragraph of your problem and solution essay should introduce the problem to readers. In addition, this section should provide users with general information about the issue. It is of fundamental importance to discover the causes of the problem. Moreover, you should emphasize that the discussed problem needs to be solved as the consequences may be rather negative. If any terms are going to be used in problem solution essays, they should be explained in the introduction as well.


Problem Solution Essay Thesis

The focus of the thesis of a problem solution essay depends on the posed problem. Thus, it may state that there is the only way out of the difficult situation. However, it may also insist on solving the problem quickly until it has led to the damaging consequences. Note that a thesis is usually written in one sentence. It should clearly present the central idea of the work. A thesis may be found in the introduction as well as in another part of the paper.

What is a Problem Solution Essay Without a Properly Constructed Body?

You need to organize the body of your work in appropriate way. It should propose effective solutions to the problem and provide their detailed description. In order to produce an explicit paper, you need to present the pros and cons of the offered solution. Are you going to state that there is only one feasible solution to the analyzed problem? Therefore, the body of the essay should provide relevant material about it and lead to a reasonable conclusion. Remember that your task is not only to arrive at a particular solution, but also show how it should be applied. At this stage, you may use a good paper example that will help you move on with your piece of writing.

Concluding Paragraph to Problem Solution Essay

When concluding your problem solution essay, you should appeal to readers to take part in the discussion. Thus, you should make readers help implement the proposed solution. You may also offer them to try to find the way out of the situation on their own. In order to make the conclusion more effective, you should describe the consequences the considered problem may lead to. If you write a fascinating work, it will interest readers for sure. They will definitely want to help solve the debated problem.

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