How to Cope With Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect essay

Cause and effect essay is a special type of academic writing that helps to analyze why peculiar things happen (cause) and what are their consequences (effect). Professors like this assignment since it is a common method for organizing, analyzing and discussing the ideas. What is more, writing the cause and effect essay trains students` analytical skills. There are many cause and effect essay topics, and no matter the topic the student chooses, he/she should apply many efforts to achieve the desired grade. The following article aims to facilitate the process of writing a cause and effect essay. 

Necessary Hints to Create the Best Cause and Effect Essay Examples

First and foremost, you should clearly distinguish between the cause and effect of some particular action. For example, if your topic is The Global Warming, be sure to dedicate a few paragraphs on causes of this issue (environmental changes, the global pollutions and mass industrialization) and its effects (the deterioration of nature, the extinction of some kinds of flora and fauna as well as melting the glaciers). If you do not know how to write a cause and effect essay, feel free to ask your instructor for assistance. He/she will provide you with an effective manual on perfect effect essay writing.

You should know that the cause and effect essay has some structure, and you should follow it precisely. Being a classic five-paragraph essay, this assignment requires writing an introduction, several body paragraphs, and conclusion. If you find it difficult to organize your ideas in a logical order, feel free to create cause and effect essay outline. We assure you that it will help you concentrate on the most important details without paying attention to the unnecessary information.

Cause and Effect Essay Structure to Follow

Writing a Cause and Effect Essay Is Not a Challenge Anymore

Many students reasonably admit that writing a cause and effect essay takes much time and efforts. Undoubtedly, to get a good grade, the student should carefully learn the professor`s instructions and write a stunning essay. Sometimes, this process may take a few hours or even days. If you want to optimize it, we offer you a wonderful solution. Reading our effective guide created by the talented scholars, you will be able to improve your writing skills, which will help you significantly economize your time:

Step 1. Research Your Topic

If the professor allows you to select the topic on your own, be sure to choose the subject that is interesting and thought provoking. Do not choose the topic that was discussed many times since you will have zero chances to impress your professor by writing something new. Instead, try to use the topic that is rather controversial to provoke a discussion in your group. To get some effective ideas for cause and effect essay, feel free to find the websites with the already written examples. These papers will help you gain writing inspiration and get the essential knowledge of the paper`s organization. However, you should not copy-paste any of the ideas found in these essay since it will cause numerous problems in your educational institution. To get a perfect grade, you have to submit a totally original and authentic paper. When the topic is chosen, you need to conduct an in-depth research trying to find the sources relevant to it to find out what the other experts think about your topic. Keep in mind that the books and articles should be credible and relevant to your topic. Finally, working with sources, do not forget to write its bibliographical information since it will be necessary for creating your reference list.

Step 2. Create a Good Outline

We assure you that it is almost impossible to write a good cause and effect essay without an outline. Undoubtedly, you may start writing a cause and effect essay right after the research, however, applying this approach, you will easily mix up your ideas and confuse your reader. A good outline is not a set of points that will be discussed; it defines the order of ideas that will be developed in your essay. As such, a cause and effect essay always starts with the “cause.” It may be in the introduction or the first paragraph and answer the question “What.” You should not only name this issue but analyze it in detail to explain to the reader the reason for choosing this topic. Then, write the most important possible effects of this cause. 

Do Not Worry Anymore

Write an Introduction

Some students consider the introduction as the most meaningful part of the essay since it explains why this topic is chosen, introduces the general information to the reader, and contains a thesis statement. A thesis statement or a research question is usually one sentence written at the end of the introduction that involves the whole scope of further research. All in all, the essential purpose of the introduction is to present the issue`s background explaining why its effects are so important. In other words, it is a short preview of what will be discussed in the essay. 

Develop Your Topic in Several Body Paragraphs

The number of the paragraphs depends on the number of the important effects of the issue as well as on the overall length of the essay required. Each body paragraph should start with a topical sentence related to the paragraph`s content and the thesis statement. If your topic is good, you need to provide at least three possible effects. In order to make the strong connections to the cause of the issue, you should continually refer to it. Remember that being a student, you are not an expert in this topic. That is why all your words should be supported by the experts` arguments and opinions. Do not hesitate to cite the works of other people if it is appropriate. For instance, if you claim that the obsession with the computer games negatively influences the child`s development, do not forget to show the recent statistics and relevant studies in this area. To organize your essay well, be sure to dedicate one paragraph to one cause or effect. Do not jump easily from one idea to another. Start analyzing the next effect only after the careful explanation of the previous one.

Sum Up Your Arguments in Your Conclusion

Your conclusion is your chance to make an impression on your audience. It means that it should not only summarize the key ideas discussed in the essay but also present the essential findings, as well as outline the scope for further research. Do not include any new details in your conclusion and do not cite sources in it. 

A Few Words About the Content and Organization

To get a good grade, the topic of your essay should be interesting to your reader. In addition, your essay should be organized properly. Develop your ideas in the logical order starting from the cause and then write about the possible effects of the issue. Do not confuse the reader by mixing the ideas. To make your writing smooth and clear, use the good transition words. Speaking figuratively, you have to invent the instruments that will help you engage your reader from the very first lines and keep his/her attention until the end of the essay. For this purpose, all your claims should be reasonable and arguments should be strong. 

Finally, you need to proofread your essay to make sure you submit a perfect piece of writing free from any grammar and spelling mistakes. Although the professor will evaluate your essay mostly for its content, the obvious grammar and spelling mistakes will significantly reduce your chances of getting the positive outcome.
In conclusion, we should say that writing a cause and effect essay is not that difficult especially for a determined and goal-oriented student. Practice makes perfect and we assure you that dedicating equally much time and efforts to every assignment you will be able to reach academic success.


Cause and Effect Essay Sample

The advent of mobile phone was one of the most remarkable developments in technology industry. The long tiresome journey that people had to undergo in order to check on their relatives had become history. As at the moment, mobile phone use has become a necessity to most people. People will do whatever it takes to stay connected via mobile phones. But it is expected that nothing is ever perfect. Scientists have raised concerns over the safety of using mobile phones (American Cancer Society, 2009). In this paper, the concerns raised concerning the effects of mobile phone use will be discussed.

Despite of the increased benefits of using mobile phones, experts have sounded an alarm on the potential effects such phones may have on our health. One of the effects cited by researches is that excessive use of cell phones will affect the user's memory (Better Health Channel, 2010). Recent studies done on animals kept in laboratories showed ill effects of radiations emitted from mobile phones. The radiations from mobile phones leaked into the brain of rats exposed to phones. Considering the harmful effects of radiations, then human beings are also not safe. It is more of a fact that mobile phones have become a necessity. But when we look at the potential side effects as discussed, they can be detrimental. Scientists have suggested the use of hands-free phones to minimize direct radiations.

Arguments have also arisen suggesting that mobile phones can change the chemical structure of cells (Better Health Channel, 2010). In addition, the phones have been accused of having a vital role in causing cancer. The radiations from the phones have been attributed to the etiology of cancer. Scientists warn that excessive use of mobile phones will increase the dosage of the radiations in ones body. As a result, there are increased chances of him/her getting cancers. According to them, they argue that radiations have heat that is responsible for causing the change in chemical structure of cells. Though at the moment there is no research that can fully confirm these arguments, more research need to be done to rule out the role mobile phones have in causing cancer.

Researchers have also suggested that excessive use of mobile phones has more detrimental effects on children compared to adults. They say children are more vulnerable to radiations from mobile phones compared to children. In addition, it has been shown that while making a call, greatest radiations are emitted during the first few seconds before the call is picked. It is advisable while calling to wait till the call is picked before putting it close to the ears. There have been also suggestions that the right ear is affected more with radiations as compared to the left ear. In addition to affecting the brain cells, waves from mobile phones have also been shown to harm the physical body parts, for instance, the heart, reproductive organs and other internal organs. Furthermore, mobile phone use has been shown to be a great risk for pregnant mothers. According to PSRAST, pregnant mothers who use phones most frequently when pregnant increase the risk of their fetus developing Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) syndrome (2009).

There has also been an increase in traffic accidents that have been mostly associated with cell phone use. Drivers who converse on mobile phones while driving are distracted and are prone to accidents. According to PSRAST (2009), study done in Mellon University, brain imaging was done and showed that while driving and listening, the parietal lobe activities reduced by 37%. The parietal lobe is the part of the brain associated with driving. Other side effect of mobile phones is the reduced pleasure of face to face interactions. With the introduction of the phones, they have facilitated communication over large distances and this has made people have a tendency of avoiding to meet their friends.

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