Along with other sophisticated assignments, description essay writing is a common task assigned in almost all educational institutions. A descriptive essay aims to describe some particular object, idea, emotion, place, situation, person, experience, etc. This genre of academic writing encourages students to apply their descriptive, analytical and writing skills. Students like this task since it assumes some artistic freedom. Indeed, in a descriptive essay, the writer should create a vivid image of some particular object in the reader’s head.


Sometimes, it is really difficult to choose the best one from the vast majority of descriptive essay topics. We highly recommend you to choose the topic that will be interesting to you. Enjoying the writing process, you will be able to create a true masterpiece of academic writing. Once the topic is chosen, start the brainstorming process. Think about the key ideas you want to discuss in your essay. Learn all information about your topic carefully, and write down each thought that comes to your mind. We assure you that it will be helpful for building your key arguments. Also, learning the unknown words and applying them to your piece of writing you will definitely impress your professor with a delicate and creative approach. Writing an outline should be the result of your brainstorming process. We assure you that this simple plan will facilitate your writing and enable you to cope with this task rather effortlessly. If you have some doubts or hesitations, be sure to ask your instructor for assistance. He/she will correct your mistakes and check if you are working in the right direction. Also, he/she can provide you with a perfect descriptive essay example, and you will see what paper he/she expects to see.

Writing a descriptive essay, you should use clear and concise language. Forget about using colloquial speech and rhetoric questions. Be sure to make your essay free of grammar and spelling mistakes, and it will become one of the best descriptive essay examples. Also, think carefully about your word choice. Remember that some words can express the different meaning.

If you are describing something, your reader should imagine this object as if it is real. Do not hesitate to appeal to the reader`s senses. Tell the audience how this thing is smelled, looked, tasted and sounded. Pay attention to the smallest details. We can assure you that if you leave great impression with your essay, you will achieve the desired result.

Remember that your main goal is to evoke a strong sense of familiarity in the reader`s consciousness. If you are writing a descriptive essay about a place, your reader should believe that he or she visited this place along with you. If, after reading your essay about a peculiar concert, your instructor will watch it in the evening – you have achieved the desired result. Do not hesitate to use the various literature devices, such as epithets and metaphors. The rich language will ensure the reader that you have excellent writing skills. We assure you that applying professional approach towards academic writing, your essay will get into the collection of the best examples of descriptive essays.

Descriptive Essay Topics: Get Ideas for Creative Writing

Some of the most popular descriptive essay topics are those about movies, books, and your dreams or plans. Check out the following:

  1. My most favorite film.

Here you are expected to provide a description of your favorite movie or, if you have chosen a TV series, you need to discuss one of your most favorite series and indicate why you like it most.

  1. The most favorite character in a movie.

Indicate whom you like most from the movie characters and justify why exactly.

  1. My most favorite book or story.

Discuss your most favorite book. Please state its genre, topic, and what you like about it most.

  1. Describe your dream house.

Think for a while where you would like to live in the future. Would you like to have a house, a flat or a maybe even a mansion? Use your imagination as much as you can. Try to paint a vivid picture on what your house looks like and what it is like inside.

  1. My best friend.

Write about your best friend and discuss some qualities or aspects that make him/ her your best life companion. Tell the story of how you met.

  1. My most memorable journey abroad.

What was the most memorable experience when you went abroad? Are you fond of going overseas? When did that trip begin? What particular do you remember about your journey? Discuss advantages and disadvantages of it.

  1. The most striking memory of my life.

Here you may tell either about a happy or sad memory of your life. Make sure you are comfortable reminiscing about that particular event regardless of how sad it was.

  1. The first time I fell in love.

This is one of the most exciting descriptive essay topics. Writing on this topic is similar to reminiscing about your romantic feelings and other pleasant experiences that happened to you.

  1. The most memorable concert of my life.

You have probably visited many concerts in your life but try to recollect which one you will remember for the whole life.

  1. My first experience using the Internet.

If you represent the generation of millennials, this topic is perfect for you. If not, you can just focus on how the Internet helps you in everyday life.

  1. My favorite style of music.

State what your favorite style of music is and what exactly you like about it. What feelings, emotions, and thoughts does that music arouse in you?

  1. How do you feel in moments when you cry?

Please think of some experience when you cried out of joy. What feelings did you have? What made you feel that way?

  1. The career I dream of.

Think of your dream career and why you would like to acquire it. Provide clear reasons and justifications.

  1. Your experience of plane flight.

Many people are afraid to fly. Do you have the same feelings? What did you feel or what did you think about when you flied for the first time?

  1. The longest trip of my life.

Not all people are fond of long journeys. When it comes to you, what was the longest trip of your life?

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A List of Descriptive Essay Topics in Traveling and Geography

  1. The most memorable cruise.

Write about the most challenging or exciting cruise that you had in your life. What was the greatest about this experience?

  1. The most magnificent place in the world.

Think of the most wonderful place on earth that you have visited or that you would like to visit. What makes it so special for you?

  1. Top 10 European destinations.

Provide a list of the best ten destinations in Europe that you find most exciting. Provide examples of the places of sightseeing there.

  1. Top 5 attractive places in Asia.

Describe five places in Asia that are most appealing to you. Provide the reasons why.

  1. Wonderful places of Australia and New Zealand.

Have you ever been to Australia and New Zealand? If yes, what places have you made a visit to? If not, what do you know about these places and which of them you would like to see?

  1. Traveling in space.

Would you ever have courage to travel in space? Do you think such experience are worth living?

  1. The beauty of the sky and nature.

Can you spend hours sitting outside and looking at the starry sky? What makes you interested in observation of the sky?

  1. What are the benefits of becoming an astronaut?

Have you ever wondered what are the advantages of being an astronaut?

  1. Expeditions.

Have you ever wanted to go on an expedition? What about the pros and cons of going on an expedition to the Himalayas? Think of all the possible difficulties and excitements.

  1. Adventures in the mountains.

How do you view adventures in the mountains? Would you go camping there? Have you ever had such an experience? What made it special?

  1. The mystery of Iceland.

Do you know many facts about Iceland? Do you agree that this country is full of mysteries?

  1. The Northern Lights.

Many people dream of seeing the Northern Lights with their own eyes. What about you? Are you mesmerized by them as well?

  1. The white nights of Canada.

Have you ever been to Canada at the time of white nights? Have you ever heard of this phenomenon? Would you like to see it?

  1. Trip to Africa.

If you had a chance would you like to visit Africa?

  1. Life on a ship.

Is a profession of a seaman good for you? Would you be able to be away from home for a long time?

Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students on History

  1. The legends about Julius Caesar.

Do you consider this commander to be a remarkable and legendary man?

  1. What is so remarkable about Napoleon?
  2. Do you agree that Napoleon was a great achiever and that he managed to get what he wanted?

    1. The history of the Mayflower.

    Do you agree that the Mayflower voyage is one of the greatest in history? Why is it known worldwide as the voyage of hope?

    1. America’s War of Independence.

    How is this war regarded in the world and in the USA as such?

    1. The most crucial event in the history of America.

    What is the most important event in history particularly for you? What consequences does it have now in the present?

    1. Pearl Harbor.

    Do you agree that the tragedy of Pearl Harbor belongs to one of the most devastating battles in the history of the whole world?

    1. Great people in history.

    Who is the greatest person for you in the whole history? What makes him/ her particularly remarkable?

    1. Historical museums.

    Do you like visiting historical museums? Why (not)? Can you describe your own experience?

    1. History is repeating.

    Do you agree that history is repeating because people do not learn from its lessons?

    1. Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Do you think that lives of such pirates were interesting?

    Descriptive Essay Topics on Associations

    1. Recall a fairy tale from your early childhood. What was your most favorite one? Why?
    2. Your favorite season. Why?
    3. The day at school that you remember.
    4. Your favorite teacher. Why did he/ she influence you?
    5. Summer is most liked by people. What are the main reasons for it?
    6. What are your associations with winter holidays and Christmas?
    7. Childhood memories. What is the most memorable event for you from your childhood?
    8. Do you remember a day spent in the forest or at the seaside with your family? What did you do? What do you like most about the day?
    9. A great day with my relatives.
    10. My favorite animal or pet. If you could have a pet now, which one would you choose and why?

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